Thank you for visiting the middle school media center's website! I am excited to offer the Sailor Reading Challenge during the 2017-2018 school year. See below for info. Students, track your reading progress in the Google Classroom!

Megan Scannell - Teacher Librarian / 970.871.3574

Info Sailor Reading Challenge 2017/2018

Sailor Reading Challenge 2017/2018

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CORE VALUES: Integrity, Innovation, Compassion, and Responsibility
MISSION STATEMENT: My mission is to use the study of real-world, meaningful media of all forms combined with a student's Language Arts, Social Studies, Math, and Science education to enlighten students to a fast-changing, diverse world. Students will gain skills to correctly and responsibly be both consumers and creators of information and media in their academic as well as personal lives. Students will also become familiar with the steps involved in the research process, how to access and utilize the best, most reliable information, and have a menu of digital tools to select from. Through these areas of study, students will explore multiple perspectives to make informed decisions, show compassion for others, use innovative ways to solve problems, develop respect for the works of others, and become contributing citizens among their peers, community, and world.