Welcome to Creative Uses of iPads
I am Rebecca Jardin from Adelaide, South Australia. I am currently living in Vietnam where I am working for SSIS as a MS ART teacher. Previously I have worked in Ghana, China, the UAE, UK and Australia. I have been teaching art for 16 years however am constantly learning and being inspired by my students every day. During my spare time I regularly create my own art including textured acrylic paintings and digital manipulated photographs. I am very lucky to be working in a job which is my life-long passion.
Speaking of passion,technology is also a huge passion of mine, specifically iPads in the art room. I am fascinated by the possibilities of mingling paint with pixels/traditional with digital. The iPads allow for instant results but it is not about the "wow" factor it is more about what you do with them. I have seen iPads give students a huge confidence boost as they can create many inspiring products from digital art, videos, books to awesome engaging presentations. They are also able to easily share and present their hard work which makes the students even more accountable and motivated towards their learning. The iPads are just another tool like the paintbrush. Students still need to analyze, explore and challenge ideas whilst pushing the boundaries when working with the iPads. I particularly enjoy the iPad's cyclic nature because the process never ends. That is what this course is about cyclic use of the iPads with a focus on image, text, video and reflection tools.
This course is suitable for any beginner to the iPad in any subject area. We will be focusing on photography, manipulation, editing, combining text with images, and presenting our ideas in a mini movie. You will learn how easy it is to use and combine a wide range of apps as long as your images are sent to the camera roll. 

Once the skills have been learned then the question I pose to you is, "How can you apply ONE of these apps or techniques to your classroom?" (if you can take away and apply one app then I have succeeded with my workshop). You will have a couple of opportunities to reflect and share ideas as I am hoping to learn from you as well.

I hope you enjoy the course and please feel free to share your work and student work with me via email: For resources and a review of other incredible apps please click the link below.

Thanks so much for attending.