Welcome to Stewartville Technology Integration! This site will give you information and support on using technology effectively in our district. Above you will find links to many of the resources you will need to be successful.  If you need any additional help, contact a Technology Integration Specialist.

Stewartville ISD Technology Integration

Kristy Cook
Technology Integration Specialist

Katie Morlock
Technology Integration Coordinator
507-533-1634 school
507-358-5560 cell

Our department is dedicated to helping teachers embed digital tools and skills into their classrooms so that all students are engaged and proficient with current technology.  Our goal is to ensure students have the proper skills to succeed in both college and career. 
In our work, we help teachers address the following skills:
  • Digital citizenship - Help students understand the rights and responsibilities of their actions when using digital tools.
  • Digital literacy - Help students learn how to most effectively and safely access information and tools online.
  • Critical thinking, Problem-solving and Decision making 
  • Global Perspectives - Use technology to communicate and collaborate with people and places locally, nationally, and globally. 
  • Technology Skills - Provide basic foundational skills in order for students to effectively use current technologies.
  • Personalized Education - Use technology to streamline the collection of data to determine student needs and to provide instruction based on individual student needs.
Our hope is that this page will be a resource for you to effectively incorporate technology into your curriculum.