Welcome to Special School District!


Welcome to Special School District!  This site will assist you in locating information on sessions offered, as well as schedule of events, resources and the latest
announcements for New Teacher Orientation.

We welcome you to SSD and are excited you will be part of our educational community!

As a member of our district, your commitment to professional growth and development is an integral component of the vitality and success of the work you do!  New Teacher Orientation is designed for all new hire teacher level staff.

Orientation Outcomes

 By the conclusion of New Teacher Orientation, 100% of the participants will indicate that they agree/strongly agree:

a.     they experienced a sense of community at Orientation   (built relationships, have an understanding of SSD’s Commitment to Excellence)

b.      they left with ideas, tools and resources to begin the  school year successfully. 

c.       they made valuable new professional contacts with whom they may communicate in the upcoming year


Please scroll to the bottom of the webpage           
               to review all key information.

Prior to New Teacher Orientation:  

  1. Take a moment to read through the posted Announcements as these will address many of your  questions regarding Orientation.  Within this section there are also directions and links to the respective locations.  
  2. Access the link below to complete a brief survey that will provide the necessary information for you to receive information necessary to complete the required modules for Non-Violent Crisis Intervention.  If you complete the survey on or after July 22nd, you will receive a link to complete the online modules and attend the face to face session the week of August 3rd.   Please click here to complete the survey for Non-Violent Crisis and Intervention
  3. Bring a copy of a positive classroom management plan you have used in your experiences as a teacher or created during your pre-service to the Classroom Universals session.   Use the following link to review a sample template:  Template: Classroom Management Plan           Contact Taryn Gaskill (tcgaskill@ssdmo.org) or Lisa Powers (lpowers@ssdmo.org)

Content for New Teacher Orientation can be found on the tabs at the top.  We look forward to seeing you on July 26!

Connect with others throughout Orientation:   #ssdlearns

Back Channel Chat at:  https://todaysmeet.com/SSD