Home to Tier 3: Functional Assessment- Based Interventions

Welcome to the GOOGLE Site for FA-BI! This site has been created so teams in schools may access the documents and other resources to plan, implement, and monitor this Tier 3 Intervention.

There are places inside each page to leave any comments or ask questions of others to facilitate networking opportunities and real time support.

**We encourage all collaborative teams to access coaching and/or training to go along with these documents. If the team has not been trained in the FABI Intervention please contact a PBIS Facilitator or SEB EPS for information.

INDEX of Materials on this site:

a.  Process Documents- HO 6 (the draft of the 5 step process) and HO 6.1 (the final document of the FABI)

b. Tools- this tab contains the handouts used to complete the FABI Process.

c. Other Resources- Click here to access articles, Level 1 FABI presentation, and links to sites

d.  Professional Learning: This tab contains information that for the 2016-2017 Professional Learning with school teams.  Individuals will be able to access this to review critical features of the process, practice, and to share with others.

Subpages (1): Professional Learning