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   Note: We do not allow cell phones as devices in our program

San Ramon Valley High School is continuing its a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) program this year. All students will be able to bring their own laptops or Chromebooks to use for educational purposes in all of their classes this year. Having ongoing access to technology will help your child experience a world-wide range of educational resources, increase engagement, and develop skills required to thrive in the 21st Century.

The 5 Key Components to

Bring Your Own Device @ SRVHS

Educational Activities

The primary goal of this initiative is to enrich and enhance the student’s educational experience and provide 21st century skills for their future. Students will use devices to access resources, complete assignments, and for personal organization. Educational activities may include researching information, producing documents, analyzing data, participating in surveys, producing videos, creating blogs, taking notes, or scheduling events.

Digital Citizenship

Another focus of this initiative is digital citizenship, which is the responsible use of technology. Students will learn digital skills, ethics, etiquette, and online safety. These are important aspects of participating in today’s world.

Safety and Security

To maintain a safe and secure learning environment, a filtered SRVUSD Internet connection will be provided for students. They will not be permitted to use a personal broadband connection such as a 3G/4G network. Any unauthorized use can result in consequences including, but not limited to, privileges being revoked. Students must keep track of their devices at all times.


Students are solely responsible for their device. They must bring it fully charged to school. Similar to other personally owned items, San Ramon Valley High is not liable for loss, damage, misuse, or theft.

Technical Support

Resources will be provided to help students connect their device to the school network. Your child must be familiar with how to use their device. Teachers will incorporate the use of your child’s device into learning. Teachers may not be able to provide technical support, but our technology team will be supporting teachers for usage issues and other issues on a case by case basis.

FAQ - Parents

What type of device can my child bring to school?

Students may bring any device that will allow them to access the internet, do word processing, watch a video, view ALL educational websites including ones that use Flash, and have a battery life that will last the school day.  This can include laptops, Chromebook, and some netbooks. This does not include tablets, ipads, and cell phones.

*Please see the “Computer Requirements” page to further understand the reasoning for allowing and not allowing certain devices (tablets).

How will my son’s/daughter’s device be used in the classroom?

At the teacher’s discretion, students will utilize their devices to access information, do research, solve problems, collaborate, communicate and engage in the curriculum. There may be times when students are not going to be working on their devices and the teachers will communicate this to students.

Why can’t my student use an ipad?

The Apple ipad is a great tool for students. However, because of the lack of support for Flash enabled websites/applications, we believe that this device will hinder student learning in group environments. Other tablets have similar limitations.

Does my child have to bring in a device?

We have school-owned Chromebooks that will be available for students who are unable to bring their own device. These will be checked out from the school.

I am worried about theft of devices. What happens if a laptop is stolen?

We will be educating students on strategies to minimize the chance of any theft. As with a cell phone or other valuable device, the administration will investigate fully and will make every attempt to recover your child’s device if it is stolen during the school day.

Is it required that my child use the school wireless connection?

Can they use their own 3G or 4G wifi service?

The school has a robust and appropriately filtered network that all students are supposed to use while they are on campus. The purpose of this is to protect our students and staff in terms of data integrity and to filter out inappropriate content. Your child will be able to log onto this network from their personal device.

My child is bringing a device to school for instructional purposes.

Will they have access to things they normally do with district equipment?

Your child will have access to any of the web-based software the school currently uses (databases, library search tools, etc.) Software may run differently on different devices for varying reasons.

How will you handle students accessing inappropriate websites during school?

The school’s filters will block as much as possible.  Students are still held accountable by the Acceptable Use Policy and the Student Handbook.

Useful BYOD Documents for Parents and Students
Student Laptop Use Acknowledgement Form

Minimum Device Requirements for BYOD