San Ramon Valley High School was designated a Digital High School by the State of California in 2001. This recognition was the result of the successful implementation of a state grant with matching district funds that totaled more than one million dollars. Networked computers and printers were placed in each classroom, servers, backup devices, and the switches and wiring/fiber to run the network were installed, staff trainings were held, and teachers/students were held accountable to a series of agreed upon goals, objectives, and benchmarks (complete information on DHS is at: http://www.srvhs.org/news/dhs/dhs.html). As the fortunes of the state changed, all funding to continue the DHS program stopped. 

This is not to say that we have made no progress has been made. Since the conclusion of the Digital High School program a number of changes and improvements have occurred. In addition teachers have continued to utilize technology to enrich instruction and provide powerful learning opportunities for students. 

Below are highlights of technologies that have enhanced teaching and learning and greatly improved communication between all stakeholders: 

The SRV Network- 
The computer network, overbuilt at its inception, is now being used to its maximum capacity.  Each network user is given an email account and has access to their home directory on campus as well as remote access (any computer connected to the Internet) to email and files via Outlook Web Access. 

Administrative and faculty communications are nearly paperless as Outlook email has become the norm. The daily bulletin and the PTSA newletter are transmitted to staff, students, and parents via email. 

Daily Bulletin- 
The daily bulletin is accessible through e-bulletin. 

Grade programs- 
All teachers now utilize electronic grade books and post grades to the web with SchoolLoop. All teachers update their grades on mandatory 3 week intervals. 

The SRVHS web site has evolved into one of the best high school sites you will see anywhere. Each teacher has a web presence and many teachers post assignments and make worksheets available through their web page. (http://www.srvhs.net) 

Wireless Network-
In the Spring of 2012, SRVHS completed installing a wireless network to the entire campus.
In addition to the computer labs on campus, students have access to mobile iPad labs.

Teachers report all absences and tardiness electronically with Infinite Campus. Through this application teachers can also access student information including contact numbers, schedules, grade history, etc. 

Evaluations and surveys- 
These are now all web-based and are completed and compiled online. 

Students submit paper through the web and they are checked for plagiarism. (http://www.turnitin.com) 

Yearbook- Students in this class have upgraded tools to produce publications using industry standard methods. (Adobe Creative Suite 6) 

Technology classes- 
Students can choose from a variety of offerings including robotics, web design, digital photography, etc. 

Technologies for Student Learning- 
Students have access to computers in classrooms, the Library Media Center, and the Career Center. Teachers integrate technology into their instructional practice utilizing LCD projectors and by assigning student work that include digital research and presentation technologies as important components. 

Chad Cochran 
SRVHS Technology Coordinator