• Instrumental Music Google Form - All my families need to complete this form.  

  • No more new students!  Registration is officially closed - September 11, 2019. 
    Welcome Back!   

  • I will post the 2019-2020 class schedule and music stores can be found in the Power Point slides on your school page. 
  • I teach at Live Oak on Tues and Thurs.  
  • I teach at Hidden Hills on Mon and Wed.
  • email:  MRandall@srvusd.net

  •  Instrumental Classes will start the week of August 26th.  

  • Students should bring Instrument and Essential Elements Book 1 to each class.   

Find all you need here. 
  • In the left Side Bar I have useful internet videos and links.  Below that I have my Google Docs - 

  • Tabs at the top of Home page will take you to your school information - including the Power Point I shared at Back To School Night.   This Power Point has the schedule, music stores, concert dates and other relevant info.

Check out "What you need for class" Tab.

Check out the  videos under Quick LInks for some instrument lessons.

  • Beginning Band and Strings     -  Beginners are so much fun to teach.  They are excited and very motivated.  Your child should have a good quality instruments with all necessary supplies and an Essential Elements Book 1 for that instrument.  

  • Advanced Band and Strings-    Advanced students have completed one year of study on their instrument.  We reinforce and expand their knowledge and skills from year 1.   Your child should have a good quality instruments with all necessary supplies and an Essential Elements Book 1 and 2 for that instrument.  

  • Please make sure your student has fresh reeds, valve oil, a working shoulder rest, Essential Elements Book, cleaning supplies!  
  • All items labeled -  including Bow, Shoulder Rest, Books, Cases, Sax neck straps!

Communication - 
I send emails to my class groups when I have announcements.  I will Blind copy everyone so that your email will not be seen by any other families.   I will email you personally when I have a concern or comment about your child's progress or instrument.
It will take me another week to set up all my email contacts and groups.  My email:   MRandall@srvusd.net
Please  check this website for information - especially around performance time.  

Instrument quality
It is important that your child's instrument be of good quality and in good playing condition.    Our local music stores rent quality student instruments.  I have had some unfortunate experiences with inexpensive purchased instruments which don't play, produce poor tone and break easily.       Poor quality metal alloys lead to bent keys, leaky keys, stuck valves.  Plywood violins with cheap parts won't stay in tune.  Nylon haired bows will not produce sound.  
 I have a list of reputable brands in my Frequently Asked Questions document.

Reputable Brands  Click the link for information.

What can you do to help your student?
  •  If you child's instrument needs attention or repair, please make the trip to the music store as soon as possible.  
  •  Rent a quality instrument instead of purchasing a "bargain" from a website.  Most bargains are low quality, do not play well and can not be repaired.  In the music world - we call these ISO's -  Instrument Shaped Objects :)
  • Replenish the reeds, valve oil, rosin or any other supplies that have run out.  
  • Some students received music stands over the holidays!  That is a wonderful addition to every musician's supplies.  
How to practice and motivate kids . Click for a great article!


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