Welcome to Mrs. Brown's Kindergarten in K-1!

Important Dates:                                                                                                                                                          

April 24th: Minimum Day (8:15 -11:50 for all kinders)
May 2nd: Volunteer Tea in the library at 1:15 (all volunteers are invited!)
May 17th: Open House 6:30 - 7:30
May 23rd: Zoo Field trip
May 25th: Field Day (8:15 - 11:50 for all kinders)
May 28th: Memorial Day - no school
May 31st: End of year concert 9:30 - 10:00
June 1st: Last day of school - minimum day

Please return to the classroom any Lifetouch school portraits that you do not wish to purchase.

Read Aloud Journal: Just a reminder that the most important part of this Read Aloud Journal is to encourage your student to complete it doing their own personal best. I would encourage you to support them in simply sounding out the words on their own. It is okay to correct spelling for sight words, but please do not feel the need to spell out words for your child. Also, have your child reread what they have written.

This is what we have been learning.....

Fundations/phonics: We have completed the review of all our letters and sounds.  Please review the names and sounds of all letters at home. Students have been practicing sounds and letter formation using our alphabet packets and whiteboards. Please reinforce proper grip, with thumb and index pinching the pencil and the rest of the fingers wrapped around from behind. Directionality is also important as letters are traced from top to bottom! 

Phonics: We have been reviewing rhyme recognition and production,  counting words in sentences, blending or segmenting sounds, discriminating beginning and ending sounds, sound substitution. I have introduced the final "e" and how it changes the vowel sound from short to long. This week we will introduce the digraphs "sh", "th", "ch", "wh" and "ck".

Math: We have begun Module 4 which marks the next exciting step in Math for kindergartners - addition and subtraction! We will learn to use the number bond model to decompose and compose numbers to 10. We will begin with numbers 2,3,4 and 5 using story situations with drawings, linking cubes and number bonds. We will also continue playing a lot of Kim Sutton math games to develop number sense. Last week we started working on subtraction. We learned about taking away and putting the numbers in the correct order when figuring out a number sentence. We listen to story problems and figure out the corresponding equation.

Reader's workshop: We are working with our second unit "Super Powers". Students are starting to work with book bags in the classroom to practice the skills taught in class.

Writer's workshop: We are becoming amazing writers! We have begun our unit on "How-To" books and informational writing. The students think of something they want to explain, like for example a sport, a recipe, a routine. Then they describe the process in steps making sure to include a lot of detail, drawing pictures for each step and labeling like scientists. Informational writing is a great way to write all they know about a topic . We continue to write phonetically and to reread what we write. The children love writing about themselves! During these past two weeks we have been writing about different community helper jobs in our journals.

Science: We talk about the weather every day and discuss the seasons. During the following few weeks, we will learn about the spring season and how it affects animals and the environment. 

Social Studies: Students are learning about the locations of people, places, and environments. They learned the terms near/far, left/right, and behind/in front. They compared a globe and a map and learned how to identify land and water. They familiarized themselves with traffic symbols and map symbols. This week we will be learning about two or our past presidents George Washington and Abraham Lincoln. We are also focusing on community helpers and their different jobs.

Spirit Day: Every Friday! Please have your child wear anything that is light blue, or blue to show school spirit. Your child can also wear our class t-shirts.

Library: Please send the book back by Monday or at the latest by Tuesday if you want your child to be able to check out the following Wednesday.

Box Tops. If you would like to send any box tops to school, our class is collecting to earn an ice-cream party!

Any questions? Please don't hesitate to email me!

Laleh Brown
Kindergarten Teacher
Creekside Elementary