Dougherty Valley High Track and Field Team

Instructions for fundraiser:
Step one: Download TeamFunder at the google play store and apple App store
Step two: Our campaign ID:37296010
Step three: Register with your full name, email and create a password
Now you will import contacts from your phone list as potential supporters
    Email Campaign: Important contacts and input their emails
        Make sure you identify the relationship of the supporter so the email is personalized
        If your supporter is not in your phone just creat the contact manually
    Text campaign: You can import contacts from you phone and text them the campaign link
    Social Media: Click the facebook and twitter buttons to share the campaign

How to sign up on XCSTATS!

How to Join xcstats:


Log on to

Go to Subscribing schools- select Dougherty Valley

Select : Create an account on the upper right hand side.

Use our password: wildcats! With the exclamation point

Enter BOTH yours and your PARENTS email address

Go to your email and OPEN the intro email they will send you within 24hrs

Tell your parents to open theirs too- It won’t work if you don’t do this!!

Email Coach Steph :  To be sure you are active

This team is entirely run on your donation. Please pay the donation. We want to be able to provide the athletes with the best experience possible!
Twitter Account!!!
Follow the Dougherty Valley Track team twitter account. You can fast follow the account by texting the number 40404. in the message simply write follow @DVHStrack_team. Its that simple, updates will be sent out by this account please follow so you are not left behind.

Dougherty Valley High School Track Team