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Classroom Updates:

Theme: US President's

Language Arts

We are starting to learn digraph sounds. So far we have started learning SH, CH and TH.

We practice sounding out and writing the CVC (consonant-vowel-consonant words like CAT or RUG). We are practicing those lower case letters.

Sight words: he, she, we

We have covered all letters and sounds!


This week we will start introducing subtraction concepts.  We will be using equations, number bonds, pictures and word problems.  


This week we are working on adding exciting details to our How-To books!  We learned how to add diagrams, give our readers tips and tricks, and we are putting important parts in bold! We continue our How To books as we reread our writing and we are working to add a bit more. We are choosing the “just right” words to teach others.

Spelling words out often leads to momentary memory, but does not go into long term memory.  Sounding out is a skill that will last forever!


We are becoming Avid Readers. We read a lot and we read everywhere! Encourage your young avid reader at home to read, read, read!

Monthly Character Development


We LOVE books!  Scholastic is a great and fairly inexpensive way to order books for your child.  When you order through Scholastic, our class gets points, which helps us to earn more (free) books!  Scholastic Book Club Online

Just use our class code: LDQ6T

Thank you!

Mrs. Rhoton