Aradhana 2014 Photos

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343rd Aradhana Mahotsava of Guru Sri Raghavendra Swamy was grandly celebrated at Gaelic Park in Melbourne on Saturday, the 16th August 2014. Please view the photos of this event below:

Aradhana 2014 SRSS Melbourne

HH Swamiji's Appeal to Devotees

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HH Swamiji's Appeal - English

HH Swamiji's Appeal - Kannada

Swamiji's Australian Tour 2014

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His Holiness Sri 1008  Sugunendra Theertha Swamiji's Australian Tour
His Holiness Sri 1008  Sugunendra Theertha Swamiji will be in Melbourne from 7th April, 2014 to 27th April 2014 after completing a successful trip to Perth, Sydney, Canberra and Brisbane.
Please click this link to the Flyer showing the public events in Melbourne. We request devotees to turn up in large numbers with family and friends for Swamiji's public events and be blessed by Lord Vijaya Vittala and His Holiness. 
We have limited time slots for Swamiji to visit devotees' homes for Paada Puja, Maha Puja and Thottil Puja. Those interested  to invite Swamiji to their homes for any Puja are requested to fill this form by clicking the link  Expression of Interest .  
Your kind support through voluntary services, donations, sponsorships or any other means that will assist us in organising the events successfully will be highly appreciated.
Please contact us by e-mail or by phone any of the committee members for any information regarding Swamiji’s visit.

Usha Venkataraman – 0421335435
Gururajan Nagarajan – 0414784777
Sudarshan Rao – 0412650475
Dhirendra Naganur – 0423122301
Ramesh Rao – 0413423163
Vasudev Kumbarageri - 0433537003

Photos of Canberra Visit - Mar 2014

Photos of Brisbane Visit - Apr 2014:

Swamiji's Perth Visit 2014

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Photos of Swamiji's Perth Visit - Mar 2014

Perth Visit 2014

Sri Madhwa Navami 2014

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SRSS Melbourne grandly celebrated SRI MADHWA NAVAMI
on FEB 9TH 2014, 9.30 AM – 2.30 PM

Shree Raghavendra Seva Samithi, Melbourne was extremely glad to welcome one and all to the celebrations of Sri Madhwa Navami. This auspicious occasion commenced at 9.30AM with traditional puja, sloka parayana, discourses and some engaging activities for the children followed by serving of prasada to all devotees who attended.

Swamiji's Sandesha for Sri Madhwa Navami

His Holiness Sri Sugunendra Theertha Swamiji sent his blessings and special message on the occasion to the devotees of Australia. Please see the Anugraha Sandesha (Wishes).

Swamiji's Sandesha for Madhwa Navami 2014

COMING SOON: Swamiji's Australian Tour 2014.

SRSS, Melbourne is planning for a visit by His Holiness Sri Sri Sugunendra Theertha Swamiji of Puthige Mutt, Udupi India to Australia in March/April to take the next important step in establishing Brindavana for Sri Raghavendra Swami in Melbourne. Swamiji is planning to visit all major cities in Australia.

Further details will be provided as soon as the travel plans are finalised. We look forward to your support and active participation during the Swamiji's visit! 

For any information please feel free to contact any of the committee members:

Usha Venkataraman – 0421335435
Gururajan Nagarajan – 0414784777
Sudarshan Rao – 0412650475
Dhirendra Naganur – 0423122301
Ramesh Rao – 0413423163
Vasudev Kumbarageri - 0433537003

Pravachana by Sri SV Achar

Madhwa Navami 2014

Madhwa Navami 2013

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Madhwa Navami 2013

SRSS Melbourne celebrated Sri Madhwa Navami on Sunday, 24th Feb 2013 at 

Edinburgh Hall,
1-3 Dowling Rd / Edinburgh Rd,
Springvale North
VIC 3171
(Mel Ref 80 DF)

The program included Puja, Stotra Parayane and Bhajans.

Sri Raghavendra Patwari, from Mantralaya, gave us a discourse in English, which was followed by traditional Theertha Prasada.

We thank all devotees who attended and made this a grand celebration.

“Sri Rayara Karune” - A grand success

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2013-10-06 Rayara_Karune_at_ChandlerHall_Melbourne

It is with great pleasure we inform you that ‘Sri Rayara Karune’ the play about the glories of Sri Raghavendra Swamy was staged successfully on 6th October, 2013 at Chandler Hall.

The event was well-attended and appreciated by the knowledgeable audience.

SRSS, Melbourne is heartened by the support and encouragement shown by devotees who turned up to witness the drama and the group of volunteers who strived hard for the success of the play.

SRSS, Melbourne also thanks wholeheartedly Sri Hunsur Sriprasad, the original creator and writer of ‘Sri Rayara Karune’ from USA, Sri Sanjiv Kulkarni , the director of the adaption here in Melbourne and the entire team of cast and crew for their commitment and performance.

With Greetings to all for Deepavali !

SRSS Proudly presents "Sri Rayara Karune"

posted 22 Sep 2013, 18:23 by Ramesh Rao   [ updated 22 Sep 2013, 19:08 ]

Sri Raghavendra Swamy is universally known as the embodiment of compassion. SRSS is delighted to present a stage play depicting some of his deeds of compassion during his life time centuries ago. 
The play titled "Sri Rayara Karune" was originally written and directed by a Rayara devotee in USA and successfully performed in USA and Canada. 
Now for the first time in Australia, SRSS will be presenting the play  "Sri Rayara Karune" at Chandler Hall, 28 Isaac Road, Keysborough, VIC 3173  on Sunday, October 6th 2013.  The event will commence at 5PM and will run for approximately 2 hours.  

Please see brochure about this play. The cast and crew for this play are all from Melbourne.
Tickets are nominally priced at $10 per person and for Children under 10 years, admission is Free.
We solicit your active support in making this unique event successful. Kindly inform your circle of friends about this play.
Please send us an e-mail at or speak to any SRSS committee member below to purchase your tickets.
We look forward to seeing you at the venue and enjoying our presentation.

Sri Krishna Janmashtami Celebrations

posted 2 Sep 2013, 22:33 by Ramesh Rao   [ updated 2 Sep 2013, 22:36 ]

As announced in the Aradhana Mahotsava, SRSS Melbourne is pleased that Sri Krishna Janmashtami Puja was conducted by Sri Suresh Bhat and Sri Santosh Bhat from Puthige Matha, Udupi, India, on 28th August 2013.

Aradhana Mahotsava

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SRSS Melbourne would like to thank all devotees, volunteers (who had put in an extraordinary effort, both before and after the event), advertisers and supporters, who contributed to the grand success of the Aradhana Mahotsava of Guru Sri Raghavendra Swamy, which was performed with due solemnity and devotion by Sri. Prasanna Achar, Sri Santhosh Bhat and Sri. Suresh Bhat, on 25th August, 2013 - Sunday at Gaelic Park, 324 Perry Road, Noble Park VIC 3173.

SRSS Melbourne looks forward to your continued support in all our efforts towards having a brindavan for our Guru in the near future.

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