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Class of 2020 NJ DOE High School 
Classroom Supplies Requested

-Colored pencils 
2 inch,  3 ring binder. Our binder is your textbook, so it will be packed and we want
 it to stay organized.

-Helpful to have an in-binder
hole puncher

Classroom Cell Phone Policy
I'ts simple...please keep cell phones away, and out of view. A 2014 study, from the University of Maine, discovered that the mere presence of a cell phone was sufficiently distracting, and produced diminished deficits in task-performance, especially for tasks with greater attention and cognitive demands.

The two studies found that a 20% reduction in productivity occurred with just having the cell phone is sight, even if  students weren't even using it. WOW! Even I was shocked. So......., because I want you and your peers to be the best learners,  you can be, we won't have them on our desk in class. 
New Study on the importance of
high school grades and how they equally predict student success in college (when compared
to students who took SAT).  

Education Pays! See Chart

Yes, it is worth it to go to college... BUT......
you have to be economically smart about it. Where are the jobs going to be?  Is the major  
employable? Do I want to leave NJ? The Jersey Shore? Where can I get a job? Are internships available near my college? Can I get the degree (and a job) and live at home to save money? Do I understand college loans? Do I know what the average student debt is for 4 years of college?

Top 10 Work Skills needed for 2020 Workforce
Source: Georgetown University

Job Research 
Parents Corner

Teaching Higher Order Thinking Skills

Class of 2020 NJ DOE High School 

Class Pages
  • Encourage students to check their grades online every Wednesday so you don't have to. 

After School Help/Teacher Contact
  • I'm after school every day,  just ask.
  • Study with Mrs. Rainone after school before all large Unit Tests

  • Practice online quizzes to help with basic facts and concepts. See 1st Unit of year example here

  • Please try to encourage students to email me questions. I will answer. We want them to communicate and take greater responsibility of their academics. They can use their Southern email. Their password is their student PC log-on for school. 

  • Tips for Success

Parent Communication
  • Email me for the parent code for Remind Texts. I only text to class reminders for large assignments that would shift grades dramatically.  

  • I will send one - two MP emails with grade sheet attached updating you on classwork and coming assessments. You do not need to sign grade sheet, it's just for you to look at. 
Visit Southern Calendar for upcoming events, end of Marking Period and testing schedules

Curriculum Standards Taught
  NJ DOE has recently moved away from Common Core Standards and is now using the 2016/17 NJ Core Standards, however, we will still be using the NJ PARCC assessments this year. 
Getting Ready for PARCC Assessments