Science: Mr. Astin

Be sure to check Mr. Astin's Edmodo page.  
That is where you will be able to find all of your assignments and due dates.
(Note: in the homework list, GFA = Google Form Assignment)


This is the link to Edmodo's tutorial for starting a parent account. Includes step by step instructions and a video. 


Wednesday 5/3

  • Period 1, 3: Complete Absolute Dating Game
  • Period 2,7,8: Complete Relative/Absolute Dating practice

Tuesday 5/2

  • Periods 2,7,8: Complete Radioactive Dating Lab online

Monday 5/1

  • Perod 3: Complete Geologic Column questions, and Fossil worksheet
  • Period 8: Complete Absolute Dating notes

Wednesday 4/26

  • Periods 1,2,8: Complete the questions for the Geologic Column Lab
  • Period 7: Complete the questions for the Geologic Column Lab, and #1-17 for the Fossils worksheet.
  • Period 3: Volcanoes Quiz on Edmodo

Tuesday 4/25

  • Periods 1,2,7,8: none
  • Period 3: Look over Volcano vocab, study guide (quizlet), notes, and Online Lab results in preparation for Quiz tomorrow night. 

Monday 4/24

  • none

Friday  4/21

  • Period 3: Complete summary paragraph for Plate Tectonics Lab

Thursday 4/6

  • Per 1: complete Relative Dating notes

Friday 3/31

  • Test is up and live. Remember, you MUST take it by Sunday Night, or you will get a 0!

Monday-Thursday 3/27-3/30

  • Complete any makeup work

Friday 3/24

  • Please finish the Earthquakes and Volcanoes Lab. The questions need to be done on a separate sheet of lined paper. You only need a sentence or two for each answer. 
  • Don't forget to finish those Test Corrections!

Thursday 3/23

  • No homework tonight, but do make sure to check your grade. Grades have been updated, so make sure you have completed all the work you need.
  • I am still waiting for Test Corrections. They were due Monday, and I've only received about 10. Remember, you can earn back half the points you missed!

Wednesday 3/22

  • complete plotting the data for Iceland maps

Tuesday 3/21

  • complete plotting the data for Sumatra maps

Friday 3/10

  • Complete the Rock GFA's that we worked on in class, if you didn't finish them in class
  • If you did not do the Group Evaluation, please get it done TODAY!

Thursday 3/9

  • Submit last 4 points of interest

Wednesday 3/8

  • continue research; last 4 points of interest will be due tomorrow
  • Complete the first Group Evaluation. The form is in your project folder on Edmodo
  • If you did not complete the make up work (Stars and Layers) in class, please complete it tonight. 

Tuesday 3/7

  • next 5 Points of Interest are due today

Tuesday 2/28

  • Complete the Igneous Rock notes
  • Keep working on research. Remember, the next set of Points of Interest is due on Thursday!

Monday 2/27

  • First 3 Points of Interest are due from your group. Use the form linked in the Project folder on Edmodo. 

Friday 2/24

  • Continue research for your Points of Interest

Thursday 2/23

  • Complete the Minerals notes we started in class
  • First Point of Interest assignment due Monday!

Wednesday 2/22

  • Start working on your Points of Interest for the Geologic Time Project. First assignment due Monday!

Tuesday 2/20

  • Layers of the Earth notes

Friday 2/17

  • Research time periods for the project
  • Communicate with your partners on your top 3 choices. The form to select your choices is in the Project folder on Edmodo

Thursday 2/16

  • Complete Layers of the Earth video assignment that we started in class

Tuesday 2/14

  • Star Quiz on Edmodo

Monday 2/13

  • Make corrections for Star GFA, your graded responses are in your email
  • Prepare for Star Quiz tomorrow night on Edmodo

Friday 2/10

  • Complete the Star Life Cycle GFA that we worked on in class
  • Complete Star Observation 3 (Gemini and Auriga)
  • Remember, Penumbral Lunar Eclipse tonight! Peak is at 7:43 pm local time

Thursday 2/9

  • Remember to complete and submit the Final Analysis Question for the Star Lab. The Lab itself is due tomorrow.
  • Complete Star Observation 2 tonight, weather permitting (Taurus and the Pleides).

Tuesday 2/7

  • You will complete the Final Analysis question for our Star Lab. 
  • This must be a Google Doc, and will be shared with me. Please make sure it is set so that I can edit, not just view. 
  • Your submission must be at least 250 words long. All grammar and spelling rules apply. 
  • Pay attention to the vocabulary terms from the Reading and the Lab itself. Words I expect you to use properly in your lab:
    • Nebula, Protostar, Main Sequence, Giant/Supergiant, White Dwarf, fusion, gravity, pressure, equilibrium, hydrogen, helium, carbon, oxygen, density, electron degeneracy pressure, surface temperature, luminosity
  • The assignment is due by Thursday, 2/9
  • Please use this format to name your Google Doc: Per#.Last Name.StarLab

Friday 2/3

  • Complete Star Observation 1 over the weekend

Wednesday 1/18

  • Quiz on Thursday Night. All study guides are still available
  • Tides GFA grades have been sent to your email
  • Remember, all GFA resubmissions due by Friday morning!

Tuesday 1/17

  • Complete Tides GFA that we started in class
  • Remember, you need to resubmit the other GFA's, as needed, before the next quiz!
  • Study guides for Seasons, Moon Phases, Eclipses and Tides are up on Edmodo now. 

Friday 1/13

  • Complete Tide Range Lab questions from class
  • Complete the Tides notes on Edmodo
  • Full Moon today! Don't forget your Moon Observation. 

Thursday 1/12

  • no homework
  • remember that you should work on the Moon Phase and Season GFA corrections while you have time. Your answers are available to you for the Moon Phases via email. The Seasons responses are in the Shared part of your Google Drive. Tomorrow we will decide which method you prefer.

Wednesday 1/11

  • no homework
  • remember that you should work on the Moon Phase and Season GFA corrections while you have time. Your answers are available to you for the Moon Phases via email. 

Tuesday 1/10

  • Most of you finished the GFA's for Season's and Eclipses in class. If you did not, please finish them for homework. 

Monday 1/9

  • Eclipse Notes

Friday 1/6

  • Quiz on Motion, Speed, and Newton due by Sunday

Thursday 1/5

  • Complete the Season's Notes (remember to read the directions carefully!)
  • Keep working on the Moon Project!
  • Remember that the quiz opens on Friday and must be completed by Sunday. Study guides are in your folder on Edmodo. 

Wednesday 1/4

  • complete Gravity Simulator sheet if not done in class
  • Quiz opens on Friday: study guides are available in your folder on Edmodo

Tuesday 1/3

  • complete Gravity Worksheet from class
Monday 1/2

  • No homework
  • continue the Moon Project!

Thursday 12/22

  • Your Newton Essay must be submitted to me by tomorrow. Remember, for the title and name of the file, use this:
    • Period Number.Last Name.Hovercraft
  • Make sure to do your second Moon Observation! The file in your folder has the times of moonrise and moonset. 

Wednesday 12/21

  • First night of the Moon Observation Project! Folder and links are on Edmodo.
  • Continue working on the Newton Essay. Remember, it must be submitted to me by Friday. 

Tuesday 12/20

  • Continue working on the Newton Essay

Monday 12/19

  • Complete the What Law Is It? GFA if you didn't finish in class
  • Newton Essay must be submitted by Friday. Do keep working on it!

Friday 12/16

  • Today we did our Laws of Motion observations using the hovercraft. For Monday, please make sure that your observations are as thorough and complete as possible. They don't have to be in complete sentences! Remember, the more you write now, the less you write later. 

Thursday 12/15

  • Complete Force Diagrams if you did not finish in class. 

Wednesday 12/14

  • Notes on Edmodo: Force and Newton's Laws

Tuesday 12/13

  • if not completed, finish the Super Graphing Challenge Game worksheet and the Motion Graphs worksheet from Friday

Monday 12/12

  • none

Friday 12/9

  • Complete Superhero Speed Lab if not finished in class
  • Do the Motion Graphs worksheet

Tuesday 12/6

  • Finish the Acceleration Problems 

Monday 12/5

  • Complete the example problem from your notes 

Thursday 12/1

  • Complete questions 1-5 on Speed Problems 2

Wednesday 11/30

  • Complete Light, Color, and Thermal Energy quiz on Edmodo

Tuesday 11/29

  • Complete and submit Lava Lamp writing assignment 

Wednesday 11/23

  • Complete the diagram and rough draft for the Lava Lamp assignment. Resources are available on Edmodo. 

Tuesday 11/1

  • Complete the next 2 EM Energy video assignments. 

Monday 10/31

  • Electromagnetic Energy Notes Part 1

Monday 10/24

  • Electrical Energy Notes
  • Bring these plus the video notes sheet with you tomorrow!

Friday 10/21

  • no homework

Thursday 10/20

  • Chemical Energy GFA

Wednesday 10/19

  • no homework

Tuesday 10/18

  • Finish questions from Chemical Energy Notes that were started in class

Monday 10/17

  • Chemical Energy Notes

Monday 10/10

  • Nuclear  Notes on Edmodo
  • Remember, we are using the 3-column Note System!

Friday 10/7

  • No homework. Nuclear Energy Story Time

Thursday 10/6

  • First Edmodo Quiz: Mechanical Energy

Tuesday - Wednesday 10/4 - 10/5

  • No homework. Nuclear Energy Story Time

Monday 10/3

  • Complete questions 2 and 3 for the Catapult Lab. All questions have been posted to Edmodo

Friday 9/30

  • complete calculations for PE and KE for the catapult lab
  • Answer question 1

Tuesday 9/27

  • check Potential Energy homework against posted solutions
  • make any corrections and return for tomorrow

Monday 9/26

  • Complete Potential Energy problems

Friday 9/23

  • no homework

Thursday 9/22

  • complete Kinetic Energy Problems
  • remember to follow the format of the example problems
  • show all your work!

Wednesday 9/21

  • complete the Mechanical Energy notes for tomorrow

Tuesday 9/20

  • no homework

Monday 9/19

  • Read the Units of Measure file in the Notes Folder on Edmodo
  • Complete the Metric System GFA. Link is on Edmodo in your period group