Note to Students:

I am  excited to get to know each of you this school year.  Every school year brings with it joys and hurdles but I am always left with a deep love for my students and a passionate desire to see you succeed.  I feel fortunate and honored to work with students who are unique, talented, creative, kind, and so many other wonderful things.  I just know we're going to have a fabulous year.

About Me
This will be my fourteenth year in the classroom.  I have found that working with youths invigorates my spirit, and there is nothing I enjoy more than a day spent facilitating critical thinking, overseeing discussions about literature, engaging students with writing practices, and laughing with students as we splash through a sea of literature.  

I moved back to California in August 2016 after spending a decade and a half in Austin, Texas.  I graduated with both my undergraduate degree and master's degree from Texas State University, and I consider myself a lifelong learner.  

In May of 2018 my life was blessed with my first child.  Embarking on the journey of motherhood has been a beautiful experience, and the journey has only just begun.  I hope that being a mother will bring me new insights as an educator and allow me to better empathize with my students and their families. 
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Contact Information:
Email: lwelchel@srcs.k12.ca.us

Class Schedule:
1st Period: English III P
2nd Period: English III P
3rd Period: English II P
4th Period: English II P
5th Period: English III P
6th Period: Prep