General Information

What is my username and password?

Your username and password are the same as the Windows username and password that you use to access your computer.

How do I reach my Google Apps account?

You can access your account by visiting or by going directly to 

Can I just go to or and sign in there?

No. Use instead. The ending on that address tells Google that you're trying to sign in to the account, instead of the general Gmail.

I don't have a Windows login.

For some users at the elementary schools, if you did not have a Windows login, we have created one for you. This has the same username/password as FirstClass. This applies primarily to elementary school teachers, not office staff. If you use Windows and have a login, use that.

Where is my mail?

Any mail that comes in after 8/1/2014 will go to Gmail instead of FirstClass. Email sent to your address will go to Gmail.

Will my email address change?

No. You will gain a new address, which is When you send mail out from Gmail, this is what will appear as your address. It is possible, but not recommended, to send out email using the address instead, but both will work equally well for receiving email.

What data from FirstClass will be available on Google Apps?

The only data that will be imported automatically is your mail. Additionally, only mail that is within your mailbox or within a folder within the inbox will be moved. If you have mail moved to folders not within your FirstClass mailbox or folders within folders, that mail will not be imported. You can still log in to FirstClass to access this information, however.

We will provide additional information about exporting your contacts and calendar events.

Some important emails did not import into Gmail Google Apps.  

Not all emails import into Gmail for various reason, but you can send the email to yourself to have it appear in your Gmail account.
Login to your FirstClass account and then find the mail.  
In the To:, enter your email address as, not (example, then SEND.
It will then appear in your Gmail account. 
NOTE - The original date/time stamp will not be retained.  It will show the date you sent the email.  

I forgot my username or password!

Call the x2932 for password assistance. If you need general support for Google Apps, you can call SADA tech support for assistance.

Can I get training for Google Apps

Visit to sign up for training. You can visit for additional training.