November is 
National Family Stories Month!

Come up to the library and choose a great family read.
And spend some time gathering YOUR family's stories
 during next week's Thanksgiving Break!

Try asking some of these questions:
  • What is one of your earliest childhood memories?
  • Has your life been different than what you imagined as a teenager?
  • Tell me about somebody who had a big influence on you.
  • Can you share a classic family joke, story, or song?

Books Without Borders:
2nd Quarter: EUROPE

We loved our 1st quarter trip through the Americas,
but now it's time to check out EUROPE!
Come on up to the library and find a great read that takes place in 
Turkey, Norway, Belgium, Russia, Portugal, 
or any other amazing European country.
It's not too late to get a Books Without Borders Passport
and join the fun!

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