Welcome to South Pasadena Middle School! My name is Dean McCoy and I will be teaching Math6 Accelerated and Math6 Honors this year.  This will now be my twentieth year here at SPMS, and I still love it. SPMS has an outstanding reputation and is dedicated to giving a well-rounded, quality education. It is a privilege to be a part of such an outstanding teaching team and to have the opportunity to be with great students. Prior to my teaching experience, I worked in manufacturing management for ten years. Working with people and numbers was a daily experience for me and I feel that I bring a lot of my real world experience into the classroom when I teach. Of course being able to solve a math problem is important, but it is meaningless if you are unable to comprehend a real life situation and know how to discern the important facts and variables and the roles they play. It is my goal as the teacher to facilitate learning in students in a manner that is practical, enjoyable, and that allows students to work individually and in teams to solve quantitative situations. I take responsibility very seriously and expect the same from my students.