I am an architect, urban planner and designer, academic and a writer. I earned my BSc. in Architectural Engineering from University of Sulaimani and Master's and PhD degrees from the University of Calgary in Canada. I bring professional, academic, and international experiences to my professional and academic practices, teachings, and scholarly works.

As an architect, I have designed and co-designed numerous architectural design projects in Kurdistan including designing residential, commercial, and recreational buildings.

As an urban planner, I have been involved in developing and supervising development of master plans in both then State Organization of Tourism (SOT) and the Directorate of Urban Planning and Design at the Ministry of Municipality and Tourism (MOMT)

For the last several years during my postgraduate studying in Canada, I have been actively involved in researching and scholarly activities both nationally and internationally.

My passion for teaching, learning, researching, and writing are guiding my life. I started tutoring classmates and writing and publishing since elementary school years. I have written and published in Kurdish, English, and Arabic languages. 

Contact info:
Dr. Rozhen Kamal Mohammed-Amin
Research Center Coordinator
Lecturer at the Department of City Planning
Sulaimani Polytechnic University

E-mail : rozhen.mohammed@spu.edu.iq
personal web page :

University website: www.spu.edu.iq  or www.spu.edu.krd


My Research interests include:
  • Digital media and computational design
  • Augmented Reality (AR) & Virtual Reality (VR)
  • IT applications in cultural heritage and historic preservation
  • Museum experience design
  • 3D imaging and printing
  • Computer modeling and simulation
  • Human Computer Interaction (HCI) and design
  • Neuroscience applications in architecture and design
  • Smart cities
  • GIS