Welcome to my personal academic page.
I am Rawaz Othman Hassan assist. lecturer and Director of Electrical Power Engineering (EPE) Department - Technical College of Engineering Sulaimani Polytechnic University SPU .

I am assist. lecturer with a MSc Degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering / Electrical Machines Division from University of Gaziantep - Turkey (2015).

Publications: I have ( ) Published Articles, 
( ) Conference paper and ( ) published books.

You can reach me at :

Sulaimani Polytechnic University / 
Electrical Power Engineering (EPE) Department -Technical College of Engineering.

E-mail : rawaz.hassan@spu.edu.iq
website : www.spu.edu.iq or www.spu.edu.krd
Rawaz Othman Hassan
SPU Technical Institute of Sulaimani-Electrical Dept.

I am teaching the following Modules:
  • Electrical Machines
  • Electronic Circuits
  • Computer Applications
  • Academic Debate
  • Mathematics
  • Electrical Installations

My Research Interests :

  • Electrical Machines & Machine Drive Systems.
  • Classical and Modern Control Techniques.
  • Magnetic Levitation Systems (Maglev).