About me

After completing my BSc Mathematics and Informatics (2007) at the University of Science and Technology of Oran - Algeria, I was successful to be among the top students to continue graduate studies and hold MSc in computer science (2009) at the University of Science and Technology of Oran – Algeria. I stood 8th among my classmates.

Currently, I am a lecturer at Technical Collge of Informatics – Sulaimani Polytechnic University – Kurdistan Region Iraq since 2013 until the present. While I have been teaching Linux Operating System, Shell programming and network and information security at Computer Network Department, I did hold other responsibilities over the 12 hours per week required on grading and supervising students for their final projects. Furthermore, I am a member of the scientific committee and Director of Kurdistan Journal of Applied Research. 

I have been attending workshops and training to acquire more knowledge and skills from “training for Impact” at Management School of Maastricht – Netherland (2014), where I was exposed on the principals of training and how I can do impact on the organization and individuals. Later, I have been present at “Information Fluency workshop” at Kentucky, US (2016), this opportunity offered me the chance to learn more about information literacy and fluency and the exchange study cases from the participants on how to implement IL into the core classes and the curriculum, Recently, I participated in “Leadership and management in higher education” program with IREX organization for almost 17 weeks.

My Research Interests:

  • Network security
  • Network Management
  • Linux Operating system
  • Web programming
  • Information literacy

Contact Info:

MSc. Rania Azad Mohammed SAN AHMED

Lecturer at Network department
Technical College of Informatics
Sulaimani Polytechnic University