Academic Activities

Professional societies & activities:

  • Member of Kurdistan Health Staff Syndicate.
  • Member of Syndicate of Technical Physicians/ Kurdistan.
  • Member of Kurdistan Teachers Union.
  • Participated in Second Annual Comprehensive State of Art Surgical and medical Symposium Co-Sponsored ICS / WSFP / AHPBA Humanitarian Medical Mission to Kurdistan of Iraq.
  • Member of Publication of a Book Entitled Pharmacology for Technical Medical Students.

Summary of relevant work experience:
  • Teacher in Slemani Technical College of Health, Slemani, Iraq.
  • Burette manager office, Slemani Technical College, Slemani, Iraq.
  • Medical assistant in MAG, Slemani, Iraq.
  • Driver in UNCHS (Habitat), UN center, Slemani, Iraq.
  • Heath Team for Malnutrition Program in UNICEF, UN center, Slemani, Iraq.
  • Radio Operator in TDC (French), Slemani, Iraq.
  • Administration assistant.
  • Checking warehouse items.
  • Computer skills (Microsoft word, Excel, Access, IBM SPSS Statistics, Epi-Info database and Endnote )
  • Knowledge of marketing and purchasing.
  • Driving skills.
  • Reception skills.
  • Pharmaceuticals marketing and shopping
  • Surveillance of health issues.