Welcome to my personal academic page

I am Ardalan Jalal  Majeed,  Lecturer, Lecturer,Assistance Head Department of Ornamental Plant.Bakrajo Technical Institute,  Sulaimani Polytechnic University.

I obtained my B.Sc. degree in Agriculture Soil and Water Department from Salahaddin University (2007), Erbil, Kurdistan region/Iraq. After earning my Bachelor degree, I have moved to Kahramanmaras Sutcu Imam University, Kahramanmaraş (2014), Turkey, to study a Master's degree in Bioengineering and science .

You can reach me at :

Sulaimani Polytechnic University
Bakrajo technical institute.  

E-mail : 
  ardalan.majedd@spu.edu.iq ,                        

website : 

  Orcid.org/ 0000-0003-0499-8261
Ardalan Jalal Majeed
Bakrajo Technical Institute

I am teaching the following Modules:
  • Soil and Plant Nitration.
  • Environmental Science.
  • Academic Debate.
  • Student Project.

My Research Interests :

  • Biochar.
  • Fertilizer application.
  • Antioxidant Enzymes.