Technology Tips, Tools, and Resources

Remember to use technology in a safe, responsible, and respectful manner. Always ask your parents first and only go to places that are just right for you!

If you have internet at home, ask your parents to help you create a typing account to learn how to type or to continue growing your skill! Become a typing ninja and play additional typing games here!

More Learning Fun:

Starfall - Phonics and reading activities. Student can work with word families in the "Learn To Read" section.

Illuminations Patch Tool  Students can use pattern blocks to make, 
flip, rotate and slide into patterns and designs.  
Illuminations Shape Tool  Same as above plus has additional options to change the colors of the pattern blocks.

Between The Lions  Great games to match letters and sounds, hear stories read aloud. Try: Fuzzy Lion Ears and Pounce

Beginning Sounds Game  Game to support words that begin with a specific letter sound.

Clifford The Big Red Dog-Phonics  This game to sort words with different beginning sounds.

Pawpark Practice to match uppercase and lowercase letters.

Storyline Listen to stories read aloud by famous people.

See more resources here:

Digital Citizenship Resources:

Video: NetSmartKids


Standard #5 Digital citizenship - Students understand human, cultural, and societal issues related to technology and practice legal anethical behavior.

I can be safe, responsible, and respectful on the internet.

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Remember the "Design Process" and that to "fail" is the 

 Continue to be Creative and Innovative!