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This site was created as a tool for you.  Whether you’re a teacher or an ed tech, our goal is to help you navigate through your certificates and authorizations with ease.  The information on this site will guide you through the certification renewal process.  Additionally, each fall and periodically throughout the year the Certification Committee holds informational meetings for teachers and ed techs whose certification/authorizations will expire within two years.  

Please remember: State Certification is your responsibility.  We are here to help guide you through the process.  Our committee is covered by state mandates which regulate the committee’s decisions. 

Our committee meets monthly, and we work hard to be available as questions or concerns arise.  As you can understand, emails and/or phone calls can only be returned during classroom prep periods or before and after the school day.  

Central Office will only maintain hard copy files for people who have not yet renewed their certificates (New Hires).   You are responsible for keeping documentation of course work, committee work, conferences, and workshops and for submitting transcripts and certificates of completion to the Certification Committee to document your professional development activities.  We suggest keeping all re-certification documentation in one file as you may need to send that file to the Committee for review (along with a PD Express review) prior to your next certification expiration date.  After you renew your certificate, please send a copy to Central Office to update your credentials into PD Express and to keep a copy in your Personnel File.

The Maine Department of Education certification website provides access to your teacher profile including your official certificate. Create your account there and record your username and password information in a secure location for future reference.

Always enter PDExpress to request pre-approval for any activity prior to the start of the activity. See the PDExpress section for details. 
Helpful documents and links

Communicating with Central Office - Reimbursement, lane change and certification  

Renewal Process - an overview of the steps to complete for renewal of you professional certification

Types of Certificates

10 Maine Teaching Standards 

Certificate and Subject Endorsement Requirements

Certification, Authorization and Approval of Education Personnel

If, after surfing this site, you still have questions, contact one of our Certification Committee members listed below. 

2020-2021 SPSD Certification Committee:

Tania Ferrante, Chairperson
Email: FerranTa@spsd.org

Beth Dolley, Elementary School Rep
Brown Elementary School
Email: DolleyBe@spsd.org

Steve Koelker, Middle School Rep
Mahoney Middle School
Email: KoelkeSt@spsdme.org

Mike Peterson, High School Rep
Email: Petermi@spsdme.org

Nathan Hart, Ed Tech Rep
Email: hartna@spsdme.org

Carolyn Sivik, Secretary
Central Office
Email: Sivikca@spsd.org

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