Kaler Kids Leadership Team

Kids at the Kaler Community School of Inquiry and Exploration are involved in activities designed to help them to grow as learners and active community members.

James Otis Kaler School of Inquiry and Exploration has a vision of shared leadership. One of our goals is to develop leadership in all of our students. One step in that process is the development of the Kaler Kids Leadership Team. This team consists of one student from each classroom (total of 11) and three staff members (Mrs. DiDonato, Ms. Sullivan, and Ms. Dineen). Younger members of the team will pair with learning partners using the same configuration as our Book Buddies.

The purpose of the team is to have students take a leadership role in effecting change at Kaler School. Students lead students with the goal of academic and behavioral improvement. We view the Core Values as the springboard for focus of this work. Student leaders will be role models for their peers.

Kaler Kids Leadership Team will begin with the task of establishing a system to recognize students that demonstrate the following:

  • Exhibiting great behavior
  • Completing work to a high level
  • Increasing academic level in content areas
  • Showing leadership
  • Helping others