Dear Kaler School Families,

I hope this note finds you well and finding ways to enjoy the beautiful weather, while staying safe and

hopeful for the return to school. I miss being with your kids!

As you know, the school board approved moving forward with the yellow hybrid model . That is students

were assigned to cohorts with two (2) in person learning days a week and additional distant learning to

occur the other three (3) days. Cohort A students attend school in person on Mondays and Thursdays;

Cohort B students attend school in person on Tuesdays and Fridays.

At the Pre-K-5th level, principals used individual student instructional needs, siblings within the

same school, and siblings across the district when determining cohorts. Every effort has been

made to assign siblings to the same cohort; however, there may be some discrepancies based on

instructional/programmatic needs. If you have not heard from the district or me regarding your

child’s/children cohort, please contact me at . Teachers will be sending

home letters in the next few weeks introducing themselves and reiterating cohort placement as


Soon, many of us will be back together again part-time in this Yellow Phase. For a variety of reasons

some families may decide not to come back in person, but full-time distance learning is being offered. If

you have definitely decided not to return to school and instead participate in all distance learning,

please let school know as soon as possible, even if you did complete the district survey; I’ve learned

during this process how important it is to double-check and triple-check results. If you still need to

complete the survey; Click here to begin the survey .

If you have not been receiving district emails from Superintendent Ken Kunin, please visit

School Messenger to sign up.

Please note there is a change in the beginning of start of school dates:

September 8 First Day of school for Grades 1-5 (Cohort B) September 9 G.1-5 (Cohort A)

September 14 First Day of School for Kindergarten (Cohort A) September 15 K (Cohort B)

September 17 First Day of School for PK (Cohort A) September 18 PK (Cohort B)

Lastly, some parents have been looking into daycare options on distant learning days. There will be

limited spots for before and after care Rec programming at each elementary school for

Mon./Thursday or Tue./Fri. as has been noted in the Yellow plan. Rec will run a program for

up to 50 at the rec center on Wednesdays to provide child care to families. There will be a

charge, but scholarships are available for the Wednesday program. For full information go to

Parks & Recreations .

Lastly, The Boys and Girls Club is working with us on offering programming for distance days for

up to 50 children per day. This will be paid for through our CRF funds, though families may

need to pay the $5 one time fee to join the club. Details on this program are still being

developed; we will send information home when details are shored up.

See most of you fairly soon!

Bonnie Hicks

Principal at Kaler Elementary School