Home/School Compact

It takes a Whole village to raise a child.

The Home School Compact was developed to improve student, parent and staff involvement in the education of all children at School. The compact is a voluntary agreement between the home, school and individual students to participate in specific activities that may enhance learning. This compact brochure contains, but is not limited to, suggestions of activities that may be utilized by all parties to reach the high goals of the Maine Learning Results. This agreement has been developed with input from teachers, parents and other school personnel.

In order to achieve the high standards of learning set forth in the Maine Learning Results…

School and Teachers will:

¨Communicate school and classroom expectations to student and home

¨ Work with student and caregiver to develop goals and plans to meet goals

¨ Instruct in a variety of ways

¨ Provide instructional activities that are challenging and appropriate for the student

¨ Provide opportunities for students to begin or complete assignments

¨ Provide needed support (1-1, small group)

¨ Encourage student involvement during discussions and activities

¨ Frequently monitor student for understanding

¨ Collect samples of student’s work to document progress

¨ Provide recognition to student when goals are met

¨ Set up schedule for providing progress reports

¨ Discuss student's progress with child and/or home

¨ Be positive and provide encouragement to student and the home

¨ Be aware of student's interests

Caregiver Will:

¨ Make sure that child gets enough rest and nutrition

¨ Ensure child’s attendance

¨ Maintain open communication with the school

¨ Discuss school daily with your child

¨ Support school’s education efforts

¨ Attend meetings

¨ Read with your child daily

¨ Provide a time and place to do homework

¨ Support child in taking responsibility for assignments and projects

¨ Use the schools as a resource for practice and support materials

¨ Encourage and model good learning behaviors

· Listening

· Participating

· Asking Questions

¨ Provide assistance with homework when needed

Each Student Will:

¨ Be a Knowledgeable Person by

· Demonstrating skills and content understanding of the Maine Leaning Results

¨ Be a Clear and Effective Communicator by

· Demonstrating organized and purposeful communication

· Adjusting communication based on the audience

¨ Be a Self-directed and Lifelong Learner by

· Cooperating with peers in work and play situations

· Paying attention in class and listening attentively

· Demonstrating initiative and independence

¨ Be a Creative and Practical Problem Solver by

· Observing and evaluating situations to define problems

· Framing questions, making predictions and analyzing strategies

· Identifying patterns, trends, and relationships

· Generating a variety of solutions and chooses best one

· Persevering in challenging situations

¨ Be a Responsible and Involved Citizen by

· Participating positively in the community

· Accepting responsibility

· Understanding and respecting diversity

· Observing school and classroom rules

¨ Be an Integrative and Informed Thinker by

· Gaining and applying knowledge

· Applying ideas across disciplines