2013-2014 Action Plan

Kaler 2013 – 2014 Action Plan as of October 22, 2013


Action Steps

Time Line




Teachers will use MAP data and student work at RTI meetings, grade level meetings, and IEP meetings

BLT members will read the book Simplifying Response to Intervention and update our RTI process



Beginning in August 2013 completed by June 2014
  • MAP training

  • Protocols for running data driven meetings

Simplifying Response to Intervention book.

Time at BLT meetings to do the work.

RTI paperwork for individual students

RTI summary documents


Updated paperwork and process for working RTI at Kaler.


Teachers will create/refine at least three PBLs each year.

Teachers will use a variety of PBL protocols (critical friend protocols, fish bowl, etc.) at staff meetings during the development and after the completion of the creation of PBL units.

50% of teachers will participate in the lesson study format during the school year

Special educators will analyze data from NECAP and Maps to find patterns and develop strategies to increase students with IEPs meeting standard

Throughout year



Throughout year

Once all staff hired

PBL workbooks/trainings

   BIEs PBL protocols

Angela Marzilli's facilitation to ensure fide

Lesson Study teachers

Release time, Kat Cox, Diane Lang

Copies of PBL units and the “used” protocols


Plans and protocols from the lesson studies.

Summary of data analysis and suggestions for improvement


Include in all staff evaluations a component of PBL implementation

BLT will actively continue the renewal process and keep the mission and work moving forward

Throughout the year at staff evaluation conferences

Bimonthly meetings


Grant money to pay or offer PLC credit

PGP with components of PBL


Minutes; success of our School SMART goals.


Hold two PBL community nights

Winter and Spring

Grant money for stipends to pay for facilitators

Feedback sheets and sign-in sheets from nights


Action Steps

Time Line




Classrooms create their own SMART goals.

After the parent/student/teacher conferences

Excepts from the book, More Than A Smart Goal

List of all classes SMART goal.


Offer PBL yearly training to all staff both PBL 101 and 201

Fall of 2013 and Summer of 2014

Angela Marzilli

List of staff attending trainings.




Action Steps

Time Line





All staff will use identified components of RC with fidelity

All year

RC library

RC Learning Walk protocols


Hold a Kaler PLC on Responsive Classroom

Train all staff in using the social curriculum (Second Steps and Zones of Regulation)

Monthly Meetings

September 2013

PLC facilitator

RC resources from the summer

Second Step and Zones for all teachers.

Time to complete during staff meetings/PLC

Documentation of staff involved in PLC

Behaivor data: looking for fewer office referrals


Request/seek out mentors for our breakfast programs

Kaler staff attend the CPPC monthly meetings to build connections and gain resources for students and families

Continue with summer free lunch program

Offer adult education classes (parenting, taxe perp) for parents at Kaler

Parent Compact will beginning a breathing and living document

Hold 8 library nights to enrich both students and parents

Opening letter and continued requests throughout year

Beginning with the September meeting


June 2014 – August 2014


Winter 2014

Fall 2013


September 2013

Jane and Molly


Marie Allen


Martha Spencer


David Brenner




$ to pay staff/release time/differentiated time

# of community volunteers by the end of the year; data on attendance

# of meetings Kaler staff attend and the number of families brought up at meetings


In increase from the 10 – 15 local families accessing this program

Adult education brochure and offerings


Attendance records/ brochures