Dyer PTA

Dyer Elementary School has an active Parent-Teacher Association which meets the first Tuesday of each month at 6:30 p.m. in the Dyer Elementary School Library.  Childcare is available.  Please join us!
PTA OFFICERS 2016-2017

Jaime Smith

Vice President:
Jaime Jamieson

Diana Turi

Angela Blier

Volunteer Coordinators/Newsletter Editors:
Jill Arel

Marcia Bradford

Fundraising Committee Chair:
Sarah Sturges-Perry

Community Events Coordinator:
Carlee Main

Teacher Appreciation Coordinator:
Jaime Jamieson

Greening Committee:


NOTE: When taking photos or videos of school events, please keep in mind that not all students or families are comfortable with their images being posted on the Internet.  Please be respectful of the possible safety concerns and privacy rights of others, and refrain from posting videos or photographs on public Internet sites. If you do post electronic content, please limit access to your immediate family and close friends.