Week of September 17 - 21, 2018
First school dance of the year is on September 21st - All proceeds go to the 8th grade end of the year field trip!

NWEA testing Tuesday and Thursday. Be sure your iPad is charged. 

Mrs. Foster:
9/17 Lab safety video - Watch the video and list as many lab safety infractions as you can in your science notebook.
25 Lab tool pictures or drawings due Thursday, 9/20
Quiz Friday, 9/21
***Period 3 Only!*** Please click on the link below and follow the directions. Due Friday, 9/21. Please see Ms. Mantis with questions.

Mrs. Rioux:
SS: "Come Live Here" advertisement due Wednesday: 2 advertisements based on Ch. 13 information, one for convincing people to move to the South and another convincing people to move to the North. **Accurate information, correct spelling, eye catching and/or grabs the audience's attention. May be posters or commercials.

        ELT Score

1.Foundational Learning in US History: 3 2 1

  Where you live determines how you live

2.Initiative and Professionalism: Organizes time and                      3         2  1

  resources to accomplish a task and double checks

  work for accuracy and craftsmanship

3.Engagement with learning: HOW 3         2  1

4.Preparation: HOW 3 2          1

For Thur/Fri. Begin to prepare for first test by being able to do the following using specific details:

How did Eli Whitney contribute to economic transformation in the South and the North?

LA: Assigned Tone Word Two Slide Presentation due Wednesday. For your assigned word do the following: State word, definition in 8th grade style, the connotation (is it a positive, negative, or neutral word?), some high impact synonyms and antonyms, and a brief history of the word including prefixes/root words/suffixes, Greek/Latin meanings, etc.
Be prepared to present your slide. Give credit for your sources!

        ELT Score

1.Foundational Learning in Research 3 2      1

2.Is skilled at using Greek and Latin affixes,roots, and

  and root words to determine word meaning.

3.Communication: Uses tone of voice, volume, and word                 3        2 1             

  choice appropriate to a variety of audiences

4.Initiative and Professionalism: Organizes time and                      3         2  1

  resources to accomplish a task and double checks

  work for accuracy and craftsmanship

5.Engagement with learning: HOW 3         2  1

6.Preparation: HOW 3 2          1

Thur: Make flashcards for the Tone words on Quizlet.

Mrs. Thornfeldt:
LA:  Please pages 1-14 in Day of Tears.  Also, come up with (5) bookmark stickies for your reading.  REMEMBER, we are working on metacognition (thinking about your thinking!) - due:  9/18.
Wordly Wise 8 lesson 1 C & D - due on 9/19.
LA:  Wordly Wise 8 lesson 1 C & D - due on 9/19.
SS:  No homework
LA:  Wordly Wise 8 #1 part E due on 9/20.
        Mood Worksheet due on 9/20.
        Day of Tears - pages 15-29.  Please use your bookmark and create (5) stickies - with detailed 8th grade responses.  Also, complete the comprehension worksheet handed out in class.  This will be due on 9/21.
Mrs. Voelker:
Grade 8 Math-Work on Khan. Assignments- due Thursday
Math 1-Work on Khan. Assignments- due Thursday
Grade 8 Math- Work on Khan. Assignments- due Thursday
Math 1-Book work from class. 
P12-            1. −8 + 13
2. 11 + (−19)
3. −19 − 8
4. −77 + (−46)
5. 12 − 34

Grade 8 Math- Khanacademy Assignments due tomorrow.
Math 1-
Grade 8 Math-
Math 1-
Grade 8 Math-
Math 1-
Week of September 10 - 14, 2018
Picture Day is Friday!
Mrs. Foster 

Mrs. Rioux
SS: Chapter 13 reading and graphic organizer complete for Wed.
Chapter is in google classroom
Period 2 code: n7q5lh
Period 3 code: hlty9u
Thur/Fri. no homework

LA:  Final draft summer reading letter due Thursday. 
Period 5 code:  47kusn
Period 6: 8qyznp
Wed. Quizlet Link for class:   https://quizlet.com/_51elx1
Thursday: 10 minutes Quizlet
Friday: 10 more minutes of Tone words on Quizlet

Mrs. Thornfeldt
LA:  Academic goal:  with three measurable steps to reach your goal.  We will work on a social goal on 9/11.
SS:  Please read the article, Russia:  Friend of Foe?  
Answer the (10) comprehension questions and write a brief (1/2 pages essay) answering the questions:  Should the U.S. try to improve relations with Russia?  Yes or No?  Please cite two reasons from the text.  DUE:  9/11.
++Also, please ask your parents where they were during 9/11.  What do they remember?
LA:   Please work on your social and academic goals - remember the steps to reach your goal need to be measurable.  DUE on 9/14. Please work on WW 8 #1 A & B.  Due on 9/13.
SS:  The next few days will be spent learning about plagiariam, summarizing and paraphrasing.
LA:  You have been assigned a webquest about slavery in the U.S. before the Civil War.  This assignment will help you build background knowledge BEFORE we start reading our next book.  You will have class time on Thursday and Friday to complete this assignment.  It will be due on Monday, 9/17.
LA:  Wordly Wise 8 lesson #1 A & B due on 9/13.  Packets were passed out in class today.

Mrs. Voelker
Grade 8 Math- Find the answers for Five 5's 1-10. This is just like the activity we did today using Four 4's. Make sure you come to class with work shown even if you didn't get all 10 answers. 
Math 1-Find the answers for Five 5's 1-10. This is just like the activity we did today using Four 4's. Make sure you come to class with work shown even if you didn't get all 10 answers.
Grade 8 Math- None
Math 1- Exercises
Name the set or sets of numbers to which each real number belongs.
Graph each set of numbers on number lineThen order the numbers from least to greatest.
Grade 8 Math-Practice worksheet form class: Mystery BagsAnswer 1-4. Number 5 is optional.
Math 1-Complete 20 and 22, and 29 to 30 on the exercises the chapter.
Click on this to open the chapter with the problems.
Grade 8 Math- spend 20 minutes on Khanacademy (outside of math class)
Math 1-pend 20 minutes on Khanacademy (outside of math class)
Friday-None but here are the game codes.
Grade 8 Math- Prodigy game codes:
  • Period 2-E6577C
  • Period 5- DDC1E3
  • Period 6- 3EDB20
Math 1-Prodigy game codes:
  • Period 3- 94F7D7

Week of Sept. 4-Sept. 7
Mrs. Foster 
Science Current Event assignment
2.  Read it
3.  Write a one paragraph summary  over the article.  Cite your source.  Summary should be one half to a full page in length and may be typed or hand written on a separate piece of paper.  Due Friday, 9/7.

Mrs. Rioux
SS: For Thursday: Be able to define "blank paper" the terms: transformation, economic. Also be able to explain what a 3 in each of the Habits of Works looks like. Need a 3 ring binder.
LA: T-Shirt final product due beginning of class Friday. Need a 3 ring binder and spiral bound notebook.
Mrs. Thornfeldt
Welcome to 8th grade!
SS:  Letter to Mrs. Thornfeldt about you as a student.  See the handout I passed out in class, as your example - due 9/7.
LA:  I will be hanging up your "All About ME" poster in the hallway.  I need a baby photo or you, as well as a recent pic.  This was due on 9/7.
Summer Reading Letter was a 9/7 class assignment.  If you didn't finish it in class, it is due on Monday, 9/10.
Mrs. Voelker
Grade 8 Math: Order of Operations Worksheet-Complete the 10 questions for homework and remember to show your work. 
Click here for a copy: Worksheet

Math 1:Order of Operations Challenge Worksheet-Complete the 12 questions for homework and remember to show your work.
Click here for a copy: Worksheet


Welcome to 8th Grade!

School Supplies List

Mrs. Foster:Science:  1-1 ½ inch three ring binder (just for science), lots of lined paper, pens, pencils, earbuds/headphones.

Mrs. Rioux:Language Arts/Social Studies:  1-1 ½  inch three ring binder (can share a 1 ½ inch or 2 inch if you have me for both LA and SS), earbuds or headphones, lots of pens/pencils, eraser caps

For LA: Spiral bound notebook to leave in the room

Mrs. Thornfeldt:Language Arts/Social Studies:  Earbuds/headphones, pens/pencils, single subject notebook, notecards, sticky notes and 1  1/2 inch or 2 inch three ring binder.

Mrs. Voelker/Math:  1-1 ½ inch three ring binder, at least 2 one-subject notebook, pencils (preferably mechanical), erasers/eraser tops, earbuds or headphones, dry erase markers and a basic calculator. We do have calculators but they tend to disappear as the year progresses. If you can donate a box of kleenex or paper towels it would be greatly appreciated.

We Need Your Help for the 1st Dance of the year!

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September 21st

6:00-8:00 p.m.

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