Referendum 2017

Thank you!

The Spotswood Board of Education extends a heartfelt “Thank You” to our community for the Successful Referendum that was approved on November 3, 2015 which provided us with an ability to further enhance our school facilities and maximize the positive effect our school system has on our students-future citizens!! 

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Referendum Information

Referendum - Vote Tuesday, September 26, 2017

The Spotswood Board of Education has found a way to present to you a $1.7 million referendum to fix critical issues within our buildings without raising any new taxes!  How is this possible?

Background Information to the 2015 Referendum

In November of 2015, the Spotswood Board of Education proposed a $9.3 million referendum to you for your support.  This referendum addressed vital components of our facilities to keep them:

  • OPERATING through roof repair and replacement, improvements to heating and ventilation systems, and additional air conditioning units.

  • USEABLE through replacing 40 year old locker rooms and bleachers that were at the end of their life.

  • SECURE through enhanced telecommunication features connected to the Spotswood Police Department, upgraded fire alarm systems, and increased security camera coverage and upgrades.

With great bond rates, lower project bids, and reduced rates of supplies, the final cost of the 2015 referendum was $8.1 million, not $9.3 million as estimated - a difference of $1.2 million.

Why does a 2017 Referendum make sense?

We still have a few issues with critical systems within our schools.  These include a few identified security projects at Memorial, a replacement generator at the High School and specifically, last winter, our geothermal heating system at Appleby began to break down.  Losing power over an extended weekend, our system failed allowing pipes to freeze and burst calling for immediate emergency repairs that need the attention of a long-term solution.  In total, these projects will cost $1.7 million.

Therefore, using $1.2 million of remaining funds from the 2015 referendum and $500,000 from a State subsidy that is available when a district presents approved projects through a referendum (a total of $1.7 million) we can fix all these issues.  And we can do it without raising taxes above what was already approved by the 2015 vote!

Additional Information

Below, please find a PowerPoint presentation of the projects completed in the 2015 referendum as well as those included in the 2017 referendum.  After you have had the opportunity to review this presentation, should you have any further question or concerns, please contact us at and we will get back to you shortly.  Thank you!

Referendum 2017 Presentation

To view the Referendum 2017 Presentation, click HERE.

2017 Referendum PP