Referendum Background

During the last school year, Spotswood Public Schools surveyed our community on security, safety, facility, and classroom heating/ventilation issues in all four of our schools. The results of that survey and the condition of specific areas within, and around, our school facilities resulted in the development of a referendum proposal for November of 2015. This referendum will allow our school district to immediately address critical security, safety, facility, and classroom heating/ventilation needs. 

The cost of the projects total $9,343,707 but in preparation for the referendum vote, Spotswood Public Schools applied for, and was approved to receive, ROD grants and debt service aid in the amount of:

$3,157,457 in State Funding!

What is the Plan? 

During the Summer of 2014 the Board of Education reviewed a list of needed repairs and upgrades to our schools and the surrounding facilities. 

Community Input in November 2014

In November 2014 the community received a survey online and at key community locations through a paper form, to assess the community's feelings.

Next Steps

During the Summer of 2015, and in September and October meetings will be held and information will be provided about the referendum.