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Welcome to the new updated site of the Edmonton District Beekeepers' Association.  The EDBA is a not for profit organization which promotes awareness of and education related to the honey bee (Apis Mellifera) and beekeeping in general.  The EDBA has been providing support for area beekeepers for over 50 years.  Currently, the EDBA has over 100 members who reside in the capital region.  Our members are both commercial and hobbyist beekeepers, meetings are held seven times throughout the year and often include informative guest speakers.  Members are kept up to date on the latest advancements in beekeeping and bee health.
Memberships are $25 / year and new members have access to the mentorship program which partners an experienced beekeeper with a beginner.
Each spring, Alberta Agriculture offers an introduction to Beekeeping class for beginners.  Dr. Nasr hosts the event and he invites a number of guest speakers to share their expertise with the class.  The class is two days long and incorporates theory with hands on practice (see beekeepers photo below).  The course is typically held in late May - early June.  See links for more articles dealing with various aspects of beekeeping..
We happily welcome new members!!



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Beekeeping Course details found near bottom on Honeybee Health Issues page.  Click on link for details.

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