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This site is intended for the students and parents in Mrs. Surmon's grade six class
 Muriel Martin School
110 Deer Ridge Drive
St. Albert, Alberta
T8N 5Z2


Our school's ABSENTEE E-MAIL is: murielmartinattendance@spschools.org  Please use it if you know your son or daughter will be away. Thank you!

 Our LIBRARY day is Tuesday. Our gym days are Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday - please remember to have your change of clothes here at school.


Dear 6-S parent(s),

            Hi!  I am your child’s grade six teacher.  I have been teaching for twenty-three years and I am extremely excited to be teaching grade six at Muriel Martin once again. I have previously taught grade one at Robert Rundle School, as well as in the County of Parkland.  At Muriel Martin, I have taught grade three, grade two, and more recently, grade six for about the past 7 years.   I love teaching, and I will do everything possible to ensure your child has a successful, productive, and enjoyable year!  I believe that your support makes all the difference in the world!  I’m looking forward to getting to know both you and your child.  If you ever have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me at the school (458-0205) or by email:   rhonda.surmon@spschools.org  or  brsurmon@telus.net.   Also, if your child is ever going to be absent from school please let both myself and the office staff know.  Please email any absences to murielmartinattendance@spschools.org  

 Students will have Mr. Glenn Mack for Phys.ed., Mrs. Kristin Campbell for Music and Math, and Madame Zolondek  for French. 

Student Agendas AND THE Weekly Newsletter

            As you know, all students have a Muriel Martin agenda.   The students will write in this everyday and they are to take it home each night.  We will record any important dates, items to bring, or news from the day in this.  Homework, notes, and comments will be recorded.  Even in grade six, it is important to me that all parents initial the date in the agenda and the students return the book the next school day.  The initial assures me that your child did indeed show you the agenda.  It is a daily communication book.  I expect that all students write in their agendas each day and time is provided to do so. As a parent, you should NEVER see a blank day in the agenda. This is a daily communication book so it is unacceptable to me that students have days where nothing is recorded.  Students have a homework, notes, and comment section to write in each day. There will always be something to write, even if it is a daily reflection!  It is expected and required that students return these books everyday, as we write in them every day after lunch. I generally check all agendas before they go home and I put a checkmark on the section to show you that I did read it. I check agendas every morning and will circle your initials as I see them.  If you do not sign the agenda, you will notice that I likely drew a bright square on the page where your initials should have gone, indicating that I am unsure if you saw previous day’s message.  Please read the agenda daily and initial it under/beside the date for that entry. It is essential that students have this book initialed and return it to school every day.  As well, this book does have to last all year, so please remind your child to treat it with care.

            In the agenda, there is also a daily communication box between home and school.  Any notes -- medical appointments, special pick up times, changes in lunch destination, immediate concerns, etc. can be entered there and will be seen promptly as the agendas will be routinely checked each morning.  However, it is also easy and faster for me to respond to emails as well.


Class website

 My class website can be found at: https://sites.google.com/a/spschools.org/6s-success/     

You can also find it through the Muriel Martin Homepage. Click on Homeroom link and then find the link to my website. On there you will find occasional classroom photos, upcoming activities, review pages for curriculum objectives in science and social, as well as some printable pages from classroom assignments.  Please bookmark this link and check it often. 

Email addresses

 I tend to communicate almost weekly with parents via email and I find it invaluable for:

  • Communicating with parents
  • Sending photos of your child that I may have taken
  • Asking for last minute items
  • Reminding students of important items/dates
  • Letting you know of any last minute change of plans or upcoming tests
  • Emailing happenings in the classroom
  • Discussing concerns, singing praises, or sharing funny stories
  • I am asking all parents be included on my email list. Please email me any additional addresses I should add to my grade six contact list.  Students with individual emails may be added as well.

rhonda.surmon@spschools.org       or       brsurmon@telus.net  

Labeling items

 PLEASE label everything if you can.  I know that it is sometimes difficult/impossible but we do run into problems, even at the grade six level.  PLEASE if you send MONEY to school for anything make sure it is in a sealed envelope marked with your child’s name and what the money is for. (In regards to Scholastic book orders, cheques must be made out to Scholastic Books. You can also combine orders on one cheque, as I often may send home two different order forms at once.)  Labeling may seem like a simple request for students in grade six…but it saves incredible time and confusion when money is collected for hot lunch, book orders, pictures, field trips, etc.. from a classroom of students all at the same time!!  Your co-operation is really appreciated.  THANKS! 

Our Class Rules

My main objective is to provide the children with a positive atmosphere, which will enhance their self-image, expand their creativity, and encourage them to want to learn more about the world they live in. I would also like to help all of our students progress to the best of their ability, and to feel positive about their accomplishments.  I am a big believer in character education and I often tell the students that it’s important to try their best, work hard, and learn but it is EQUALLY important (if not more important) to be “GOOD PEOPLE.”  We have class meetings daily that focus on different values.  These core beliefs will shape the rules we will discuss and follow in our classroom. 

 In 6S, We stand for….

1.  Empathy:                  Identifying with and feeling other people’s concerns

2.  Conscience:             Your Inner voice:  Knowing the right and decent way to act and choosing to act that way.

3.  Self-Control:           Regulating your thoughts and actions so that you can act the way you know and feel is right. 

4.  Respect:                  Showing you value others by treating them in a courteous and considerate way.

5.  Responsibility:        Being accountable for what you say and do.

All students will be given a choice to behave.  Those who choose not to correct any misbehavior after a warning may be removed from the situation, lose special privileges, or be sent to the office, as I really believe that it is each child’s responsibility to “let others do their work.”  Students also need to know that a note may be written in their agenda or a phone call/email home will likely be made for any major misbehavior.   One of my most favourite quotes and one I use often is this all-encompassing rule:   Discipline yourself - so others don’t have to!!   It is my goal to instill a sense of empathy among students in our class.  We will hold regular classroom meetings where time will be taken to listen to one another and share our thoughts, problem solve, and celebrate.  By meeting as a class, twice daily, with a purpose of establishing a sense of community, the students would gain understanding, appreciation, and patience for one another. 

Our social studies curriculum emphasizes students taking action and using their voice to make a difference in their world. Students will be encouraged to identify and get involved in a cause near and ear to the them.  More details will follow later.   Students are also encouraged to take on many leadership roles in grade six and model good core values to the rest of the school body.  There will be a host of opportunities for your child to be involved.

Hot Lunches

Hot lunches will be on Thursdays this year.  I would appreciate if we could one or two volunteer to help hand out and sort the hot lunches on those days.  If anyone would like to be an ongoing hot lunch volunteer every hot lunch Thursday, or even if you can spare one Thursday a month, please let me know.  Generally, you need to be a school 10 minutes before lunch to gather the food and then for about 10 minutes to hand out the lunch.  Help is always appreciated. 


items about you

This first week back, students will be working on two projects.  Please have your child bring in 3-5 items that they can share with us to help the rest of the students learn about your child.  (Items that reflect hobbies, interests, sports, free time, items of importance or sentimental value etc…) Students need to be prepared to share them and tell us about themselves.  This activity helps students get to know one another.  An example of such items might be: sports equipment, photos, trinkets, personal favourites, etc..  Please have items ready as soon as possible. 


Grade six is a demanding year, academically.  This is your child’s final year in elementary school and he/she should be  encouraged to take

 responsibility for his/her own learning.  I do appreciate that students require time to decompress

and to enjoy and pursue personal interests.  When class time is used effectively, students should have minimal homework

on a day-to-day basis. Students will be given plenty of notice and class time for the larger projects that may require some additional work at home. 

We do expect students to be reading on average 15-30 minutes at home each night on a regular basis.  Study habits are an essential tool for academic

 success.  Encourage your child to review subject material at home before exams. Please help teach your child the necessity of being responsible and returning

completed work to school each day. Often we carry onto the next assignment and work that many not be completed has a way of piling up on students.  I do not generally 

like keeping students in from recess to finish missed work on a regular basis as I feel that they also need the fresh air, exercise, and a mental break; but you

can imagine the difficulties when classroom work is not completed and work that is sent home is not returned. If your child misses multiple days of school, 

I will often put any missed worksheets in their mailboxes to take home and/or he/she will be responsible for copying missed notes/work from a friend. 

Parents will be notified when homework has not been completed or returned.   If you are aware that an assignment has not been completed, please write me a quick note in the agenda.  Students are encouraged to plan ahead and consider their commitments when scheduling in study and homework time.  Please emphasize the importance of starting projects well in advance to prevent the “night-before” scrambling. 


Surmon Cents

Students will likely soon be telling you all about Surmon Cents.  This is a classroom economy program where students are paid $1-$20 for various tasks (having their agenda ready, returning signed exams promptly, working quietly, completing various jobs, etc…) Students are also fined for various penalties (not working, having a messy desk, etc…)   As students collect and spend their money, we will have multiple auctions throughout the year where they can purchase items with their money.  This has always been a memorable and enjoyable part of our grade six classroom.  However, we can’t have multiple auctions without your help.  Students are always encouraged to bring in any unwanted items from home (garage sale items, old toy box items, picture frames, books, toys, knick knacks, etc…)  Anything you’d like to clear out of your house, we will gladly collect it for our first auction.  Please feel free to send in any items you are looking to clear out of your home.  The auctions are a great way to spend our money and they are a lot of fun.  I thank you in advance for your support with this.


Four on the Floor (Or the Daily Five)

            I am excited to be incorporating two fairly new literacy structures, the Daily 5/Café and Moving up with Literacy Place, into my own language arts program this year.  Both programs use a literacy structure that teaches independence and gives children the skills needed to create a lifetime love of reading and writing.  Our program will consist of five tasks: 

  1. Read to Self
  2. Read to Someone
  3. Listen to reading
  4. Work on Writing
  5. Work on Words

Once routines and expectations have been established and the children are fully engaged in reading and writing activities, I am able to work with small groups and confer with children one on one.  By all accounts, this structure is very effective, the results are amazing, and the children look forward to their “Daily Five” time.  I anticipate your child will tell you about building class stamina, how we are working towards independence and maybe even share with you what we have been writing and reading about or listening to during our structured reading time.       

Final Comments

One thing I am very proud of is the amount of ongoing contact I have with parents.  I’m sure you’ll soon be saying... “Another email???” but hopefully, you’ll really appreciate the close communication we have over your child and you can be assured that you will not miss any important notices. Usually, letters will be sent home on Fridays, but occasionally I need to send them home on shorter notice.  For that reason, we have classroom mailboxes to hold items to go home and our daily agendas.

I’m looking forward to working with both you and your child this year.  I will do everything possible to ensure your child has a successful, productive, and enjoyable year.                                                                             



                                   Mrs. Rhonda Surmon 

                                   Grade Six Teacher Muriel Martin School

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