A physicist by training. An educator by calling. An adventurer by passion. A sinner by nature, but a believer in Jesus Christ by grace.

Greetings! I'm Andrew. I am an instructor in Physics Department (, an assistant director in Special programme in Science ( and a resident-fellow in Temasek Hall (, all are institutions under the purview of National University of Singapore (, which is also my alma mater. 

I came to Singapore for my tertiary study in late 2000, graduated with a Bachelor of Science (Hons) degree in 2005, and immediately joined the academics as full-time teaching assistant, while at the same time was doing my Master. I was finally conferred myMaster of Science degree in early 2008. I decided not to start my PhD straight away, partly because I simply want to take a break from study, but also because I wanted to pursue a new hobby in mountaineering. Well, I never regretted my decision to delay my study, because mountaineering has brought me to many exotic places less trodden off. Through the sport I also met my fiancee whom I married in 2014. I'm now a husband and a father of a beautiful baby daughter.

"Andreas" or "Andrew"?
Well, this has always been a point of confusion. But let me start by declaring first that you can call me either. Personally I prefer to be called Andrew (for a reason I'm going to elaborate soon). However, I am fine with Andreas as well. In my birth certificate, both names actually appear. It is written "Andreas (Andrew)" to be exact. So it seems like my parents couldn't really decide at that point in time. "Andrew" eventually became my nick; I grew up being called Andrew by my friends, teachers and even my own parents. In fact, naturally I will introduce myself as Andrew. And for that matter, I prefer to be called Andrew.

Where as "Andreas" is mostly used for administrative purpose (such as applying for official documents, filling up examination form, or receiving my pay-slip). However, it also happens that that the Dean of Science is called Andrew (Prof. Andrew Wee Thye Sen, to be exact). For that matters, except to those who knows me well, I often sign-off my email (pertaining to deanery matter) as Andreas, because I simply do not want to be mistaken for the Dean (and for sure, the Dean also does not want to be mistaken for me).

Nonetheless, "Andreas" or "Andrew" refers to the same person in the Bible, i.e. the 3rd-disciple of Jesus. "Andreas" is used in the Indonesian translation, while "Andrew" in English version. Andrew appeared for the first time in the Bible in Matthew 4:18-20, as the bother of Simon Peter. Other account of Gospel, i.e. John 1:35-42, indicated Andrew as the guy who led Peter to Jesus. Thus, Andrew is often depicted as the man who leads other to faith, which is my aspiration given my Christian belief.

I always found Andreas as something more attuned to Indonesian pronunciation of the name, where as Andrew is more of a western pronunciation. Only later that I found out that Andreas is pretty common in mainland Europe. Probably that is the reason why Andreas is more attuned to Indonesian pronunciation, because Indonesia was used to be a Dutch colony for a pretty long time. A quick search in Wikipedia ( and reveals other interesting things about my name.

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