SCOIS (S.C. Occupational Information System) is South Carolina’s Official Career Resource Network. South Carolinians have used SCOIS for over 29 years to prepare for careers that will be in future demand. Students who use SCOIS can better prepare their Individualized Graduation Plans (IGPs.)

SCOIS is an internet available system and provides student and parent access to:

Career Assessments

College Information

Occupational Information

College Major Information

Career Clusters

School Subjects Matched to Careers

Career Videos

Private Trade Schools

Salary and Outlook Information on Careers

College Financial Aid Information

Career Guidance tools for Parents


Trade & Vocational Problems

Other Educational Opportunities



To access SCOIS

    First, click on any SCOIS link on this page or enter HTTP://WWW.SCOIS.NET in your browser

    Second, when the initial menu presents itself, click on the center icon marked “Login” under the "CIS" Tag

    Third, on the log in screen enter user name and password

Obtain your school's user name and password from your guidance department

Note that username and password are to be entered as lower case characters. The fields are case sensitive.

You will have the only record of this user name and password so please make a note when you create them.

Career Exploration (Left Side of Screen)

Alphabetical listing of careers - Click on Occupation Quick Search for a list of careers. Let us presume you are interested in learning about a career in nuclear engineering. Click on "N" and scroll down to Nuclear Engineer and you will see an overview, tasks, commonn work activities, working conditions, skills needed, preparation

Career Clusters - Students find the careers clustered into 16 larger groups. For example, nuclear engineering would fall into the Science, Technology, engineering and Mathematics cluster. Other clusters include Architecture and Construction, Business Management and Administration, Government and Public Administration

Education Information (Left Side of Screen)

Alphabetical Listing of Colleges - Click on SC Schools or US Colleges and Universities

With so many universities, how will you choose the right one?

·         Define your need

·         Consider the general characteristics of your ideal college

·         Visit college campuses, meet administrative officers.

·         Choosing a college requires a great deal of thought and research See Choosing a College for some of the things to be considered in that effort

With the College Search option you can filter your results through the various criteria categories below which will yield a group of schools that are based on your described preferences

College Search - Use some or all of the Criteria Categories below to help choose colleges. A list of schools can then be generated for further exploration Majors|Degree|Location|Setting|Type|Size|Admissions|Tuition|Financial aid|Sports| Services

Note that the population of schools in your response may be based on any or all of the above criteria.

Example: Choose up to three majors related to nuclear studies to include in search of schools.

Click Get My Results 92 schools show up offering majors in nuclear engineering or nuclear medical technology.

Click Size to limit search to between 500 and 15,000 students

Click Get My Results List narrows to 23 schools

Click Admissions to "moderately difficult" to "very difficult."

Click Get My Results The list narrows to 16 schools fitting your personal criteria

Using this list of 16 schools, a student reads general information about each school. For example, Indiana University student body is comprised of 7,496 and 769 graduate students. Other information includes costs, admissions standards, student life, ethnicity, etc. Search this data until your needs are met

The Education Information section also has links to Financial Aid Information

Assessment Tools (Left Side of Screen)

In this section one can explore several self administered assessment tools, including the Career Cluster Assessment, The Interest Profiler, and a Skills Assessment


Explore the SCOIS environment fully. The SCOIS web site contains a large amount of data useful to planning your future career path and concomitant education requirements. Get into the files, browse around, and learn where all the data you need is located. Go ahead! You really can't break anything


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