Hello and welcome to our Year 3 page! 😊
Here you can find the information you need to know about learning in Year 3. 
You will also be able to view some of our exciting activities throughout the year! 
Our P.E. days are 
Wednesday and Friday. 
Please ensure your child's P.E. Kit is in school on these days and is clearly labelled with their name and year group.


This year our enquiries will be:
Autumn 1 - Who were the first people to  live in Britain?
Autumn 2 - How does the food we eat get transported around our bodies?
Spring 1 - Why were the Romans so powerful and what did we learn from them?
Spring 2 - How far can you throw a shadow?
Summer 1 - What do rocks tell us about the way the earth was formed?
Summer 2 - How do magnets attract and repel?


Every half term, project homework will be sent home. This is due in the penultimate week of the half term.

Each Monday your child's spellings will be tested and a new list 
will be taught. A copy of the new spellings will be in your child's 
Reading Record. Please practise these with your child.