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Promoting British Values

Through its curriculum, extra-curricular activities, teaching and learning, Springside Primary School will promote British values. By doing so, we will ensure that all learners understand the values that have traditionally underpinned British society. The teaching of these values will promote cohesiveness within our school and community. We will prepare pupils for life in England where the population has an increasingly rich diversity of backgrounds, origins, beliefs and cultures by promoting the values on which our society has been built. By teaching pupils these values we will help all to become good citizens of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

Visitors in Assembly

posted 14 Oct 2017, 05:33 by Gillian Thornicroft

This week we have had 2 visitors in assembly. Reverend Thompson came to talk to us about Harvest.

Sarah from the Christian Centre also came to talk to us about being thankful for what we have. 

We are looking forward to out Harvest Festival in church next week, Year 6 children are reading the service, Reception children are singing a song and Year 3 children are reading a poem. 

Values Afternoon

posted 7 Oct 2017, 04:27 by Gillian Thornicroft

This week we had our first Values Afternoon of the year. The theme was 'Family'. Each class in school spent an afternoon learning about the theme then we shared our learning in assembly the following day.

Reception and Nursery children thought about their family trees.

Year 1 children drew portraits of their family and thought about why their family was important.

Year 2 children also thought about their family at home and they wrote down all the things they get from their family.

Year 3 children thought about the school family and their home family.

Year 4 children thought about how families are similar and different around the world. 

Year 5 children thought about the School family and the skills you need in order to support one another. 

Year 6 children thought about what is important in a family. They discussed the difference between 'want' and 'need'

Drama Day - Monday 25th September

posted 30 Sep 2017, 04:09 by Gillian Thornicroft   [ updated 30 Sep 2017, 04:10 ]

We had a fantastic opportunity on Monday to work with a professional drama teacher. She spent 30 minutes with all classes in school from Reception to Year 6. Everyone seemed to be having a great time! If you would like to join the academy, ask an adult to contact them using the information above.

Fencing Assembly and Club

posted 23 Sep 2017, 08:40 by Gillian Thornicroft

This week we had a very exciting assembly all about Fencing. Some of our children demonstrated their skills which they learnt in class last year. We are starting a new 10 week course next week, 8.00am on a Wednesday morning. If you would like to attend the course, please complete the slip on the letter and return it to school as soon as possible. 

Meet our new 2017/18 Year 6 Prefects

posted 23 Sep 2017, 08:32 by Gillian Thornicroft

This week we voted for our new Year 6 Prefects. Candidates had to deliver an election speech and then everyone in school had a private vote. These prefects will represent the school during lots of events throughout the year. 

Our New Sensory Room

posted 16 Sep 2017, 04:41 by Gillian Thornicroft

We now have a sensory/quiet room in school for the use of children who need this resource. It  contains calming music, special lights and comfortable seating. This will be a fantastic resource and will support many pupils. This has been made possible due to the lovely donation from the late Annie Holden, Great Grandma to Milo, Evie,  Ellie, Theo, Ameliya, Gracie, Daisie, Wesley and Joshua. We would also like to say a big thank-you to Mrs Hornby who used her fantastic artist skills to paint an under-sea theme on the walls. 

Music Service Assembly

posted 16 Sep 2017, 04:36 by Gillian Thornicroft   [ updated 16 Sep 2017, 04:36 ]

This week, Bury Music Service came to play some live music for us. They played lots of pieces linked to 'Superheroes'. We had a great time clapping along to the beat. They showed us all their instruments and invited us to sign up for private music lessons. If you would like to play an instrument, please contact the service.Their contact details can be found on the letter which the children brought home. 

Mad Science 2017

posted 16 Sep 2017, 04:25 by Gillian Thornicroft

This week, we had our annual Mad Science Assembly which was great fun. Please look out for the letters on Monday, inviting KS2 children to join the Mad Science After School Club.We need at least 15 children to sign up for the club to run. 

Welcome Back!!

posted 9 Sep 2017, 04:39 by Gillian Thornicroft

Welcome back everyone!! We have had a great first week. In assemblies, we have been thinking about setting goals and achieving our aims. 
Keep up the good work!!

Leaver's Disco 2017

posted 26 Jul 2017, 08:24 by Gillian Thornicroft

We said goodbye to our year 6 pupils with a Leaver's Disco. The DJ said we are his favourite school because he said you all enjoy dancing and you make him feel very welcome. I enjoyed watching you dance and you have all made lovely friendships which I am sure will continue in future years. 

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