Friends of Springside Primary

Our next meeting is on 
Friday 22nd September at 2pm in the school library.

The Friends of Springside would like to welcome everybody back to a new year here at Springside Primary School.

Last year was amazing, we managed to raise over £6,000 to benefit all of our children.  School now have a fully equipped kitchen to teach our children to cook and bake, the pond in Early Years has been revamped, as well as lots of other things.  This years aims are to update the library, with new and exciting books which children will want to read, and to revamp the quad area, outside the junior door.  As you are probably aware school's budgets have been cut, meaning the need to raise money is more important than ever and your support is vital.

Upcoming events
Cake Sale - Monday 16th October, after school.  We would love donations of cakes, homemade ot shop bought please.

Autumn Glow Disco - booked for Thursday 2nd November, optional fancy dress.

We will also be serving refreshments at the Rugby Tournament, Tuesday 17th October, and at class assemblies.

Our current members are:
Adele Biega, Anthea Hardman, Hannah Hardman, Melissa Kelly, Rebecca Purcell, Julie Rowlands, Rebecca Turner, Sally Gillard and Samantha Hornby.