Anti-Bullying Week 2018

EYFS children thought about what a good friend was. They also painted and drew pictures of their friends.


Year 1 children also thought about what a good friend was and they thought about the behaviours which are not nice. They all made a friendship hand and wrote on it what a good friend was, then they made it into a wreath to show that they all work together nicely.


Year 2 also thought about friendly and unfriendly behaviours. They made individual posters about friendship but they also made a big poster saying what a ‘Springside friend’ is.


Y3 children were spending longer than a week thinking about friendship and anti-bullying. They had read 2 books on the theme and made anti-bullying posters linked to the stories in the books.


Y4 concentrated on using unkind words and the effects of this on people. They thought about name calling and how the ‘sticks and stones’ rhyme is not true, words do hurt. They made a heart with people on it, the people had kind phrases written on them.


Y5 children concentrated on poetry based around anti-bullying. Some children read their poems out in assembly.


Y6 concentrated on cyber-bullying and e-safety. They has learnt about Apps where you could get nasty messages and they thought about what you should do if you are a victim.

We had a great launch to Anti-bullying week with Soren Bennick's 'The Power of One'.  There was a KS1 and KS2 show and all the children joined in very well.  The messages learnt in the performances will be built upon during the week of Anti-bullying lessons and assemblies.
The actors left us with a Bullying Prevention Oath, which ass the children in school will sign and it will be displayed in school where everyone can see it.

The Oath
I will not bully others
I will not stand by while others are being bullied
I will report and deal with bullying whenever I see it...
...because I have

Anti-Bullying Week 2016
What a fantastic launch to our Anti-Bullying Week. We invited a company called Firehorse Productions into school to perform an anti-bullying play called 'Sticks and Stones'. Their message was really clear and everyone enjoyed the performance. This was a great start to our week of activities.

Anti-bullying Week 2015
Although anti-bullying is an all year event, during anti-bullying week we raised awareness doing different activities including: 
An anti-bullying policy written 'by' children 'for' children

Year 3 focused on Cyber-Bullying and made this short video to help children deal with being bullied online.

Cyber Bullying.mp4

Some children in Year 3 made PowerPoints like the one below:

Cyber Bullying

Year 6 also made some videos to show examples of bullying and what you should do:




And remember...

Aisha's Anti-Bullying message.mp4