What is it?
Every year thousands of students across Texas participate in the National History Day program by creating projects relating to the yearly theme. After gathering and analyzing primary and secondary sources, students will be able to present their work in one of five ways: as a paper, an exhibit, a performance, a documentary, or a website.  Successful student projects may be entered in regional and state contests. The top two entries in every category at the state/affiliate level are then invited to the National Contest.

Important dates 

August 31st

Signed History Fair Contract Due

August 31st

Turn in topic selection for teacher approval– daily grade

September 28th

Major Grade:

  • First Research Check (1/3) – Students must be able to show 4 to 7 annotated sources: must be a variety – not all books, or all websites.  Students must be able to show written notes from their sources.

October 19th

Major Grade:

  • First half (250 word) of Process Paper typed

November 2nd

Major Grade:

  • Third Research Check (3/3) –  Must have a completed, typed, bibliography.  You should have 15 sources of various types – at least 5 Primary and Secondary.  All illustrations (pictures, graphs, or timelines) should be collected at this time and printed with a description.

November 16th

First Submission Due – You will present your project to the class for a major grade.  If your project is not ready on this date, no grade will be recorded. 

November 30th

Second and Final Submission Due – Because of contest deadlines, no projects will be accepted after this date. 

December 5th-7th

Campus History Fair – judging will be completed on all accepted projects.

Twin Creeks History Fair Handbook
This year we've compiled a handbook so that you can download one document will all the relevant information (Information on the theme, sample topics, steps/process, project categories, rules, etc.) Please download and review the TCMS History Fair Handbook

Yearly Theme
This year's theme is  Triumph & Tragedy in History. For more detailed information, you can read the 2019 Theme Book.

Contest Rules
For the official NHD rules, see here.

Sample topics
See the page on sample topics


Creating a Project

How to Begin the Project
For details on how to start the project and begin research.

How to pick a topic/understanding the theme
For more information to understand the theme of Triumph and Tragedy

How to Create an Exhibit
The NHD website goes into detail about each of the categories: documentary, exhibit, paper, performance, and website.  Click the button to read about the category you are interested in.

Additional Resources/Annotated Bibliography