Ms. Sally Rush
conference time 1:35 - 2:20 

May Days...begin May 1st.  
Look on my Websites page for the file attachment.
We are self-contained, so the students will stay with me all day.  I am very excited about this, and I look forward to working with you to ensure that your child can reach him/her highest potential.
Reading is thinking, so we talk everyday about what we are thinking while we are reading. We practice reading for extended periods of time. We learn how to determine word meanings through context clues, dictionary definitions, and synonyms.  We analyze author's purpose and genre. We determine how characters interact with each other, and how their relationships change over a period of time.  We inference and make predictions.  

The first read aloud will be Wonder.  It is a story about August Pullman, a student with deformities, and what happens when he enters school for the first time as a fifth grader.  We will explore character feelings, character relationships, and other skills that will help us to become stronger readers.  

Fourth grade has implemented a reading challenge this year called the 40 Book Challenge.  Our goal is for each of us to read forty books.  You should have already received the paperwork informing you how it works.  Please feel free to ask me, if you have any questions.
I am so excited about writing this year!  We will be using Empowering Writers as our focus.  You will find that it enables students to become better writers as the year progresses.  Look for more information as we get started.

A little note here:  Handwriting is so important.  Please encourage your child to write neatly and legibly.  I will be sending practice home for some students.

In spelling we will be working on basic words as well as application of our five fourth grade rules.  They are on the "Spelling" page, if you would like to look at them. 

Please see the "Writing" page for good editing and writing skills that we will learn.
 Social Studies
In fourth grade, we study our state and its history.  We begin with map skills, learning about symbols, how to find things on a map, and how to color correctly.  We will be researching different regions of Texas and comparing them to determine the culture and people.  We will follow the history of Texas from early settlement to statehood.

We have new textbooks, and they are online.  You child will have personal access to this textbook, so you will be able to do some things on your home computer, if you have one.

We also have a new textbook in science.  Lot's of wonderful new things this year! Are you getting excited yet?  We are also going to have a science lab in our CAPE rotation.  Wow!  It has already been a helpful tool.



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