Useful Links- all grades

Below are some great links to find help with spelling, reading, writing and more.
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Language Arts Basketball Nouns Use this game to work on understanding the different types of nouns.  
Language Arts Reading Fun Brain Great site with lots of fun games, talks about books and much more.  
Books Books online Story time online!  
Language Arts Scholastic for Kids Blogs, book facts, games and more.  
Books Book Wizard Do you need help finding books at your childs reading level? Do you need to see if a book they are reading matches their level? If you said yes to either of these you need the book wizard it has lots of information for you. Check it out.  
Parents Diorama If you need help on making a diorama here is a great site to check out.  
Social Studies Inventors A great site to learn more about inventors 
Language Arts Contraction word games 1  
More Great Web Sites for Kids Free Rice Games You can play grammar, vocabulary and even math practice games. 
Spelling Spelling city  Enter your weekly spelling words to play games, take quizzes or to even print practice sheets.  
Parents Scholastic for Parents This is a great site for you parents to learn more ideas, and tips for helping their child.  
More Great Web Sites for Kids Custom Handwriting sheets Type your childs name in and turn paper to portrait. Print at home and let them practice writing their name. 
More Great Web Sites for Kids PBS Kids Helps students learn how to use a computer while having fun with educational games.  
More Great Web Sites for Kids National Geographics for Little Kids  
More Great Web Sites for Kids Preschool Games-Tons  
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