Mrs. Claudia Zimmer

Welcome to Our Online Environmental Science Lab!

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My name is Mrs. Zimmer. This will be my ninth year teaching Science at Spring ISD. I have taught in Massachusetts, Louisiana and Texas, and in my home country, Brazil. I have also lived in Canada. 

Science has been my passion since I was a little girl. I like to travel, do needlework and read. Oh, and I love frogs!!!!!



I have very high expectations for my students when they are in the Science Lab (and in other places in the school). Most importantly, try their best and have fun.

We go through all expectations in the beginning of the school year and everyone has to live up to them at all times. Science is all about following directions and staying safe and, without those, there is no fun (the best part). Visit Class Rules and Procedures for more information.

How YOU can help your child succeed in Science

If you have any questions you can call me, e-mail me, or meet me in person. The best way to help your child reach success is to be involved. Practice science at home: cooking is kitchen science; invite your child to cook with you! Ask your child about what they did in school. If you have internet, explore the web. You can find worksheets, games, and experiments. Go to "Interesting Places" to see a list of websites that are worth visiting. Watch Science shows on TV; you'll love them!