Science Donations

Science Donations....Help Us Think GREEN!
We are going to be doing several science experiments and will be in need of a few donations. Many of these items may already be at your home! If you are able to donate something to us, please send the item(s) in with your child. All donations will be greatly appreciated!

For our first units we are asking for small items so that we can study their properties. A few suggested items are:

* old magazines
* old newspapers
* shredded paper
* yarn
* beads
* shells
* small rocks

In Science we could always use extra materials like:

· white construction paper
· manila paper
· coffee filters
· measuring units (laundry detergent lids, medicine measuring cups, etc.)
· aluminum foil
· Ziploc bags (all sizes)
· Small paper plates
· Film canisters with lids
· Jars (large, medium, and small sizes)