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Parents, it is crucial that you are involved with your child's homework. Students learn better through activities than worsheets, so our homework is interactive. In the sheet protectors in your child's Daily Folder you will find a homework calendar, a letter icon sheet, letter formations, 50 high frequency words, and a Numbers 1-12 chart. Please keep the papers in the sheet proctectors and in the folder. Please go over the papers as part of your daily homework with your child. There is also a homework calendar in the first sheet protector. Your child may complete this homework every day or you may adjust this to your child's shcedule. I will collect the homework for the week every Friday. Thank you for reinforcing at home the learning that is taught at school. I appreciate your help in our learning partnership. Scroll to the bottom of this page to find links to the homework calendars, daily homework practice, etc.
Daily Folder
Parents, please check your child's blue Daily Folder every day. In this folder you will see material in the middle section of the folder in clear plastic sleeves. Please review this material with your child every day. Please also sign next to your student's daily conduct on the conduct calendar. Check the folder for any other notes going home and leave any transportation notes, absence notes, etc. I check this folder every morning for parent notes and write in it every afternoon. Thank you for keeping up with this folder to maintain communication with behavior and academics.
Please click on the transportation link on the Bammel home page for transportation info. All changes in transportation must be in writing. Place notes in your child's Daily Take Home Folder so I may turn them into the office. Please change your child's transportation as few times as possible so there are no mix-ups. Please keep the transportation tags on your child's backpack. This helps ensure that your child goes home safely and correctly.
Dress Code
Students at Bammel Elem. are required to dress in "Standardized dress." Please click on the link on the bottom of this page or see the Bammel home page for more info.
Students should please bring a snack to school every day. This should be something they can eat quickly and does not need to be refrigerated or microwaved. It must also be something that does not contain a lot of sugar. Possible snacks include animal crackers, an apple, grapes, chips, crackers, cereal, etc.
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