Ms. Brittain - 6th Grade Math and ELL Campus Contact

Welcome to 6th Grade Math!

My name is Laurie Brittain, and I am thrilled to be teaching 6th Grade Math again this year.

I grew up in Deer Park, Texas, where my mom taught middle school math for over 30 years.  After I graduated from Deer Park High School, I went Texas A&M to study Education.  While I was at A&M, I had the opportunity to travel overseas for the first time.  After my junior year in college, I took a trip with 30 other college students to Southeast Asia.  We traveled through the Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, and Thailand.  We worked with schools in those countries to  provide cultural exchanges and English classes.  I returned to Bangkok, Thailand in 2003 to teach English for the summer.  Beginning in 2005, I began teaching English in Eastern Europe during the summers.  I spent one summer teaching in Ukraine, and I have spent 8 summers teaching English in Miskolc, Hungary.  I love to travel and experience far away places.  

Other than traveling, I enjoy creating art.  I love to create zentangles and to paint.  I have posted a few of my art projects and travels on my Adventures Page.  I also love to read.  Some of my favorite books have been checked our from our own Roberson Library!  

I love to teach.  My mission as an educator is to help students learn to believe in themselves.  This is accomplished when our students can apply the information I teach to their life.

Contact Information:
Roberson Middle School phone number: 281-891-7700
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