Mrs. Jennifer Richardson's First Grade


Hello and welcome to Mrs. Richardson's first grade class!  Thank you so much for sharing your children with me this year! We have an exciting year ahead of us, so buckle up and let's go, go, go!

In the News...

          Every child needs to be on a Level 18/J by the end of the year, which will be here faster than we know it. Please continue to read with your child daily and help them reach this goal. First graders should all be working on the phrases and know sight words right away without sounding them out.

BEE (Bring Everything Everyday) Book/Take home folder

1st grade will have one take home folder. This folder needs to be checked every night for homework, graded papers, papers in need of corrections, and/or important notes from your child’s teacher.




Weekly yellow sheets will be sent home every Friday. The yellow sheets will inform you of your child’s conduct for the week, current grade, and reading level.  Please review and sign your child’s yellow sheet. This should be returned every Monday.  

The conduct marks will be:  E for excellent, S for satisfactory, N for needs improvement, and U for unsatisfactory.

Homework this year will consist of spelling and reading homework each night. We also have a calendar of Math activities for each day. Our Spelling Pretests are on Wednesdays. If a child makes a 100 on this test, then they get to skip the Friday test and read a book instead. The most important homework is to read, read, read every day!!!!
                   Please check over your child's papers carefully. If a student makes a failing grade on a paper, please have your child correct any mistakes and turn it back in with your signature. I will then average the first grade and the corrected grade into the gradebook.
Snack Time!
Our lunch is  11:15-11:45 so we have a snack every day about 1:20 to hold us over until we get home. Please provide a healthy snack daily for your child, such as Goldfish crackers, fruit, yogurt, cheese, etc. Please do not send candy or sweets. 

 Birthdays:  You may send cupcakes from a bakery for your child’s birthday. They are the only edible treats allowed; no homemade treats are allowed. If you are sending invitations, you must have an invite for all students in the class.


Your child will return from school in the same manner he/she arrived, unless we have a signed note changing the method of transportation.

School Visits:

We welcome parent visits. We ask that you schedule your visit with your child’s teacher, so as not to interrupt instruction. If you come for lunch, check in with the office where you will be required to show a picture ID. Parents are not allowed to accompany students to recess for safety reasons.

Parent/Teacher conferences:

In order for children to be successful in their academic careers, it is vital that parents and teachers work as a team and communicate often. My scheduled conference time is 12:15-1:00 on Mondays, Thursdays, and Fridays. Please don't hesitate to call or email me to schedule a time; I will be happy to meet with you. Emails are the best way to reach me. Phone conferences are also welcomed. Please make certain we have a current phone number so you can be reached in case of an emergency or conference needs.           

You can reach me by calling JES at 281-891-8300 or by emailing me at  


Again, thanks for all your support and sharing your terrific kids with me!
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