Mrs. Marling's Home Page


Welcome new 7th graders and parents. I am Mrs. Marling and I teach 7th grade On-Level and Pre-AP Math. I am a graduate of Stephen F. Austin State University with Bachelor's of Science in Interdisciplinary Studies, 4-8 Math. This is my 12th year in education and I am very excited about the 2015-2016 school year!

Please see the Classroom News tab to the left of this webpage for more detailed information. Don't forget: You MUST bring a pencil to class EVERYDAY.

Grading Policy
Test grades – 50% of overall average
Daily grades – 50% of overall average

Students MUST show their work on assignments to get full credit.
Mathematics is not just about the answer, but also about the process. If a student gets a questions wrong, I need to be able to see their process. When checking their work in class, students need to have their work steps shown to clarify any questions.
Please reinforce this process at home, and ensure your student is showing the mathematical steps and not just writing an answer down. Together we can ensure your student will be successful!

Contact Information
If you need to contact me you may use the following:
Phone Number: 281-891-7900
Conference Time:  1:45pm - 2:45pm

Tutoring is available after school. An announcement will be made when tutorials will begin.
Please see the tutoring link on the left hand side of this page for more detailed information.